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GRAW2: Co-op Collection Update...part 2


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So we thought we’d get you guys another movie of the upcoming GRAW2: Co-op collection for the weekend. This movie takes a tour through RR Bridge, Prison, and Battlefield. For those out there who might not remember these maps or have maybe never played them (both of you) here’s a quick reminder of what you’ll find.

RR Bridge

This classic map has received more than just a graphical face-lift. Run down the main road for quick access to the enemy’s base, but watch out for players that have taken position on the RR Bridge to snipe from. The rocky northeast could have an opponent on the other side of any of the large rock formations while the wooden southwest features a rail station that ensures some brutal CQB between the buildings and railcars.


Just because it’s a prison doesn’t mean you have to feel confined. Areas on the north and south provide quick access to the other team’s base, but the open and long sight lines for these paths mean you have to move tactically and use what cover is available. In the center, the demolished prison buildings make for great CQB while also providing many outlets for which to sneak up on your enemies. Just be sure to watch your back as overhangs here give snipers more than one way to “send you to the gallows.â€


The battle never ends on Battlefield – the classic rain-soaked, blown-out, dark and muddy map from the [Ghost Recon]. The destroyed village in the middle of the map provides good CQB scenarios while snipers are able to take position from the many hills on the side, but the amount of cover means that snipers have to be fast and precise else they lose their targets in the rain, fog, or any of the ruined buildings. Pat Benatar said that love is battlefield. Well little love can be found here in this rain-soaked, muddy and dark map.

Yeah, +1 for the Pat Benatar reference : )

Hope you enjoy it. More still to come…

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