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Panoramic Shots


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I read about an amazing free panormic stitcher yesterday, so I took a group of photo's at the local skate park, with my kids in it. I dropped the images into this tool, and it chucked out a near perfect stitched panormaic image, absolutely amazing.


Click on the attached file to download the full image, compressed slightly to make it less than 1Mb.

Download this tool here, and post your own pano's soon!


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Ha, yeh, next time we are going to have them waving to each other from across the park LOL!

The joining is pretty good, for example, if you follow the fence around the park, you really cannot see a join at all, it's remarkable.

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I went up in the pasture with someone elses camera, so being unfamilar with it I didn't have much luck getting the program to generate a 360 degree panorama. Entirely my fault. I think I changed the zoom setting about half way thru by accident and didn't ensure that I was overlapping when I took the sequence of pics. I'll see if I can't find that tripod that is around here somewhere and use it the next time I try.

How many pics does it take to get a 360? 7 or 8?

Anyways, my first attempt and then I had to merge two pics that the stitcher spit out in photoshop. :lol:

Madison County AR

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Pretty good!

The next step is to make the pano shot into a globe, like this.

I found the perfect spot for a circular shot like this today and took 21 images. It almost worked, I need to tweak it a little, will post the results soon.

That pic is right near my house! (in toronto). sweet shot. did really well to get all that grass so perfect :blink:

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