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Widescreen LCD Monitors

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Nope, not had problems with my TFT. A wide-screen is a must for serious gaming (plus is very handy for office apps and browsing)

Depends on what old games you want to play, but usually there are "fixes/tweaks" available for most games that don’t have wide-screen option as standard

Just make sure you get one with a fast response time and you wont get any problems with ghosting

and you’ll need a good graphics card to drive it at the higher resolution

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Even if a game doesn't really support the resolution the monitor is supposed to run at you can run anything at basic resolutions, like 1024x768, if the monitor supports it (most, if not all, do). The only problem with that is that it stretches the image a little bit horizontally, but that's usually not too noticeable and not really that big of a deal for most people. I don't think I could ever go back to having just a 4:3 or 5:4 monitor ever again.

Oh, and if you want to know how well a game supports widescreen, check this out:


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On My bro's laptop (widescreen), games and movies always look/feel better IMO..

I my self have been looking out for a TFT/LCD widescreen myself..

Any suggestions?..

I'm currently using a 19" HANNS-G LCD monitor....

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Have had no problems whatsoever with my 30" 16:10 aspect ratio 2560x1600 resolution monitor.

Games scale nicely and halflife2 especially. In fact I've already played several games now that run at the full native res and its a sight to be hold lemme tell ya! :D

But.....I think I'm going to get another lcd monitor that only runs at 16:9 and 1920x1200 resolution or 1080p. Why you may ask? Well.......*sigh* because its only a measly 52" freakin inches with 500000:1 dynamic contrast ratio boooyaaaaaa!!!! :P Try playin the COD4 demo on that monster and watch ya head explode!!!!!!

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