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Combining Weapons


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Hi All,

I already have thw awsome BP Weapons Pack installed in GRAW2, but I'm trying to consilidate the Masada Weapons Mod into it. I've tried the XML editing to the point where I need valium and I still can't get it to work. Is there anyone who has these 2 mods working together? If so, can you please, please zip up you English folder and email it to me at joem423@hargray.com. I would be most gracious and thankful.

Thank you in advance,


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Well then, here's my first attempt...

It's not exactly *my* mod but I had to give a name to it, so I call it the "GRAW2 Mod" :lol:

- Brettzies Weapon Pack 1.2 + Snowfella's Magpul Masada v1.0

- plus G36K (as primary)* + G36C ( as secondary) *

- MR-C as either primary or secondary**

- plus you get 6 more frag/smoke grenades for free :lol:

* with proper pictures on the selection screen as you may see in the pic below.


Attachments for G36K and G36C:

- Combatsight

- Suppressor

- Flashlight (no selection image)

(No GL or grip)

Unfortunately, none of the GLs work with the G36K (or C) except the M203 of Magpul Masada mod. Since it looked weird with that colour I commented it out. Again, none of the grips work *properly* with G36's. There's some sort of an alignment problem between the grips and the sights (iron or optical) or between the sights and your eye. :lol: I dunno.



Download link deleted due to copyright issues

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Indeed :nono: When it comes to doing things like this and releasing them publicly it's best to RTFM before you start. Least the Magpul Masada mod has a pretty darn clear readme file with copyright information included, heck if you download it from this site's download section you even have to click agreement to follow said copyright.

So please remove the download link untill you either have obtained needed permission or untill you have removed copyrighted content fully.

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You're right of course about the copyright issue, I removed the link. I actually made it for myself and never really intented to distribute it as if it's my own stuff, but since joe (and possibly others) was looking for the same thing, I thought it might be a good idea to post it here, instead of emailing it to him, so other members can enjoy it. Anyway, sorry about that.

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Well, technicly what you would have to do to still be able to supply it and at the same time not breach any copyright is a relatively simple thing and something I won't mind....Can't speak for Brettzies though in this case.

Instead of supplying both Brettzies and my mod along with your altered .xml files just supply a mod containing your .xml files used for combining the 2 mods and make our 2 mods into "needed mods". You'd likely also have to include some form of installation instructions along with it, shouldn't be to comlicated really. Just something along the lines of the below.

1: Install Brettzies Weapon Pack 1.2

2: Install Magpul Masada v1.0 and click OK to overwrite all files

3: Install your compilation files and click OK to overwrite all files

Now I'm not a 100% sure that installation order would work but it would be a way around the copyright as you are not supplying any copyrighted files, all you are supplying is original gamefiles with alterations.

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I think I would still have to supply the texture files for the selection screen, because I had to rename them and modified the xmls accordingly to make the two mods work together.

These are the 11 xml files that I've modified.

http://rapidshare.com/files/64546141/XMLS.rar (doesn't contain anything copyrighted)

As mentioned above you'll have to rename the selection screen textures (textures\atlas_gui\atlas_wp_select\diffuse\wp_group0*.dds) and of course 'weapon_icons.xml' accordingly.

For example (for Magpul Masada mod):

wp_group02->gc_wp_group06 etc.

If you rename them properly and use the xmls I've provided here, the G36K and G36C should also work fine in the game.

I'm afraid you'll have to figure out the rest by yourselves.

So it's possible to make the two mods work together. All you need is just 2 days. : ) If anyone's interested, WinMerge is a very useful tool to merge the xml files. You may also need Photoshop & NVidia's DDS plugin for Photoshop if you want to view or modify the selection screen textures.

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That's true...I never intended the Masada mod to be "off the shelf" compatible with Brettzies mod but to be off the shelf compatible with the original GRAW2 files, hence why I used "wp_group04.dds" in the naming. Slight oversight from my side as if I had been smart I would of used something unique like wp_group_masada.dds instead <_<

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Maybe I misunderstood the original request, but it seems to me he was just asking for a way to play the game with both weapon mods available, instead of having to run one mod or the other.

It looks to me like what you are offering is much more complex, interchangeable grips and m203s and stuff. No need for that I don't think.

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Well, those were the 'extras'. ;)

I think combining different parts of various xml files is what cause the headache. At least I saved you from that. :)

Ps. Please don't send me PMs for a download link. I don't have one and I can't/won't upload it anywhere again.

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ok, so i downloaded those xml files you provided... renamed the weapon group files correctly (based on the xml files they should be gc_wp_group06 and gc_wp_group05 (6 being the masada one right?)

both the masada and brettzies weapons turn up fine, but the G36k, G36c and the crye doesnt work.. as well as some of the addons (like the scope on the rx4)

what am i doing wrong here?

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I didn't combine them the way you try to do, so I have no idea what went wrong, though it sounds like the gui textures are messed up. Try renaming the textures like this and then copy them into your_mod\textures\atlas_gui\atlas_wp_select\diffuse\.


wp_group01.dds -> gc_wp_group01.dds

wp_group02.dds -> gc_wp_group07.dds

wp_group03.dds -> gc_wp_group03.dds

wp_group04.dds -> gc_wp_group04.dds

wp_group05.dds -> gc_wp_group05.dds


wp_group04.dds -> gc_wp_group06.dds

Can't help you with the RX4 but the reason why the crye didn't work is probably because the crye and the mrc (same weapon) can't be used as a primary weapon at the same time.

This is the directory structure of all the necessary files. Make sure that yours is the same. You may have a few extra files but that's not that important. Don't bother with the files in textures, objects and sound directories, I didn't change anything in them, just copy & paste.


As for the G36K and the G36C I'll try to explain how to enable them in the game a little later.

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In Local\English\lib\managers\xml\weapon_data.xml find the weapon you want and change the following parameters

<weapon_data unit="g36" name="g36" ... inventory_slot="primary" inventory_slot_id="1"...>

<weapon_data unit="g36" name="g36" ... inventory_slot="secondary" inventory_slot_id="3"...>

inventory_slot="primary" inventory_slot_id="1" -> Primary Weapon

inventory_slot="secondary" inventory_slot_id="3" -> Secondary Weapon

inventory_slot="sidearm" inventory_slot_id="4" -> Sidearm

inventory_slot="extra_gear" inventory_slot_id="5" -> Frag Grenade

inventory_slot="extra_gear" inventory_slot_id="6" -> Smoke Grenade

inventory_slot="extra_gear" inventory_slot_id="7" -> Predator

(The 2nd slot is used for GLs).

Rifles can be placed into slot #5, 6 or 7 as well. Can be useful for example when you don't want grenades for a specific mission, you can have something else instead (Hint: M32 ;)) in that slot. Use your imagination. :D

Here's how to enable the G36 in the game.


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