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GRAW 2 Tourney Points


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Welcome to The Players Tournament, where in the end...

We will find who the Best overall GRAW 2 team is!!

There will be four tournaments in total, TDM, HH, Siege and RvA. Each tournament will be worth points towards your over all Team Score. The better you do, the more tournament's you play in, the better chance you will have at being named The Best Damn Overall GRAW 2 Team in the Land.

Each team must have the same team name for each event.

Here is the break down:

  • Win the Tourney = 16 pts
  • Play in the Finals = 12 pts
  • Play in the Semi Finals = 10 pts
  • Play in the Quarter Finals = 7 pts
  • Play in the first round will = 4 pts - depends on number of rounds played between 1 st round and quarters.
  • Entering tourney and playing first match = atleast 1 point.

The scoring structure will vary depending on the number of teams entered and the size of the bracket.

(Amendment ) If after all four tournaments are played, we have a tie for the overall points gained, then the overall winner will be declaried by thier total overall Win/Loss record per match.

(If a team does not take part in one or more of the tournaments and still has enough overall points for a tie; then the team will recieve 0 wins and 3 loss per tournament missed. This simulates that the team entered the missed tournament(s) but lost all games)

The results of each Tournament will be posted in this thread.

Good Luck to all teams that partcipate.

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