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skin request

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okay, so i cant afford photoshop or ne other program similar to that because i hav more important things to deal with.

okay, neways, i would greatly appreciate it if someone could create me two different skins, one for the loyalists and one for the ghosts.

for the loyalists i would like them to have this camo:


for the ghosts:

desert acu camo for the body

olive green vest

black holster/knee pads

black helmet

maybe something similar to this except with ACU desert:


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tan1hk3.th.jpg tan2zy4.th.jpg

do you want the 3-color desert cammo to?

Yes, the 3 color desert would be sweet. I was mainly looking for the vest to be in tan, because the black just did not sit well. Also, could you post a group (full body) pic of both the desert marpat and 3 color desert. I can't really see how they look with them in the crouch and I would like to see a comparison. Great work :thumbsup:

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