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How to activate new maps ???

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I've already installed GRAW 2 and all of the newest patches.

I get some maps for multiplayer game. But I dont know how to take these maps activate ???? :(:(

I read that it is some kinds of "Custom..." folder. But I cannot find that folder in GRAW 2 install folder !!!!

Where folders do I have to copy these map files into to play that ????

Plllzzz "tell me how I can ..." :ermm:

hix hix

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The folder is called "Custom_Levels". I have my game installed to a different directory but if you installed to default location It should be in C:\Program Files\UBI\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Custom_Levels will be in the main folder along with the mod and local and other folders.

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I'm also having a problem... I've added some maps to custom_levels but don't know to activate them. according to the instructions I'm to use arrows in the upper right to select but I don't have any arrows and it always goes to the main mission. Help please ?????

Most maps/missions are for multiplayer. There is only one mission map that I know of that is for single player.It is the "Storm" missions. All other maps are activated in multiplayer. You can still play the coop missions lone wolf style by going to multiplayer, create server set up a lan server and then you can add the maps from there.

Thanks "Sunsurfer" for ur instructions :)

By the ways, do u know where I can find some maps of GRAW 2 ????

Help me too ...


Just go to the downloads section of this website there are plenty there.

If you are talking about the map sheets, they are under misc graw 2 files.


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