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British And US Special Forces In Iraq

Dick Splash

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One thing people keep overlooking in this and it easily shows the lying capability of the article's author.

Other than statements that say, "Our mission is to convert everyone to our particular brand of perversion" or something similar, our actual mission staments are classified. So unless somone was in one of the team operational planning areas AND the boards were uncovered, no one saw our mission statements. Also be aware though we may sometimes be housed in a small quadrant of a regular army firebase or an airbase, their mission statement is not ours.

Well put indeed. Yes Sorry I actually was commenting on boards and such like in main non SF areas. I didn't mean to cause any friction and I hope to work with some of the same guys again someday. I wasn't trying to second guess actual wording in individual unit or formation mission statements and it would have been naive of me to do so. I guess the bottom line is that we are all singing from the same hymn-sheet.

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