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Rules and Regulations


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  • Game Type = TDM
  • ROUND 1 MAP - tdm_Arroyo
  • ROUND 2 MAP - tdm_Lagoon
  • ROUND 3 MAP - tdm_TheCut
  • FINALS MAP - tdm_Timber
  • No Respawns
  • Round 3/5 - first to 3 wins - teams will alternate spawns each round.
  • Ties are worth .5 pointsto each team (See Amendments).
  • Time Limit: 8 min
  • Minimun number of Players: 4 per team
  • Maximum number of Player: 12 per team
  • No Kit Restrictions - all delievered weapon combinations available.
  • Team with least amount of players (>4) will determine Max players for map. The team with the least amount of players will not be able to sub in players.
  • Only members signed up for a specfic team can play in a match for that team. See:Sign Up Thread
  • No special characters (etc: *,/,?,>, | ... ) in team name or players names allowed.
  • Players with a 'CONSTANT' ping greater then 300 will not be able to take part in the match.
  • Only designated Tourney Servers can be used for an offical match.
  • No modifications, other then Communication Overlays, allowed.
  • Bracket Matchups and Starting sides will be determined randomly before Toruney begins, then the Bracket will the rule.
  • In the event of a dispute, they will be handled by the Tourney Committee. Screenshots and a document detailing the event must be submitted 1 hours post initial disputes.
    Send all disputes to IrishStout. This document needs to include the following: time of match, opponent, and server played on.
  • All matches must be reported, by the losing team, via the appropriate thread per round, within 1 hours after the match has concluded.
  • You must read throught each of the Pinned Topics and ensure you fill in the required information for each thread. You must also commit to checking these forums on a regular basis to ensure you have the latest information available.

See amendments in reply below

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Best Loser Bracket - NOT APPLICABLE FOR Hamburger Hill Matches

The Best Loser from the 2nd round will move on and play in the Semi-Finals

The Best Loser is the team who lost their 2nd Round match but had the best win/loss game ratio in the 2nd round i.e. Team 1 losses 2/3 and Team 4 losses 1/3 and Team 9 losses 0/3 in 2nd round. Team 1 moves on. If there is a tie in the second round then the overall game win/loss record will be used. If teams are still tied then they will play in a 1 map - 1 round tie breaker. This round needs to be played before the start of the next round. If the teams are not available then a coin will be flipped and the winner moves on.

The Best Loser will have to win there game to get more then 7 pts.


First to 3 wins or 3/5 format.

In the event of a tie in a game each team will be awarded .5 of a point.

The first team to reach 3 points or greater will win.

In the event that both teams end up with 3 points because of ties, then the first team that won the 1st full point, in the match, wins the match. The losing team would record the loss as 3/3.5

Here are a couple of examples:

Team 1 vs Team 2

  • Team 2 wins the first map - then Team2 is 1-0 and they hold the power.
    Should the match Tie in a 3-3 draw, then because team 2 won the first full point they win the match 3/3.5
  • Team1 and Team 2 tie all the way to a 3 - 3 tie. The team to score the first full point (wins a map) wins 3/3.5
  • Team 1 and Team 2 tie the first map. Score is .5 - .5. Team 1 the wins the next map. Score is 1.5 to .5. Should the match end up at 3-3 then Team 1 wins the map because they won the first full point. Map will be scored 3/3.5


The team with the most amount of points at the end of the time will be awarded a win.

Should a player drop after the 10 second grace, that player will counted as a death.

A tie is only when the game declares that the match has ended in a tie.

Restart Map

Should a player drop with in the first 10 seconds of the match then a restart of that map will be awarded. However the points still stand.

If a player drops after the 10 second grace period then that person can not re-join the current game, but can join for the next game. The player that dropped will be considered a death to the team.

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