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TWL - 5v5 EU Hamburger Hill Open for challenges


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We are pleased to announce that the GR:AW2 European 5v5 Hamburger Hill is now open for challenges via your admin panels. (Team Founders/Captains)

This is a scheduled rung based ladder and challenges cannot be declined.

Please ensure that you read the "Rung Ladder General Rules" section of the ruleset which explains in detail how the ladder & challenge system works.

Also ensure that you & your team members read the current ladder ruleset which can be found here:

GR:AW2 EU 5v5 HH Ladder Ruleset

You should also download the official TWL GR:AW2 EU HH Match server config from our downloads section here:

GR:AW2 Downloads

If you have any queries or questions about the ladder, then they can be addressed directly to the ladder admin - JASGripen - via email: jasgripen@teamwarfare.com - or via our GR:AW2 public forums here:

TWL GR:AW2 Public Forum

or alternatively, via the IRC channel #twl_gr on the GameSurge IRC Network (irc.gamesurge.net)

Those teams not yet signed onto the ladder can do so as soon as they like, just create a new user profile if you dont already have one, create a team, join the ladder, then have all you clan members join TWL & then join your roster. Once you have a minimum of 4 players on your roster, you can then start making challenges via your admin panels.

See you on the battlefield soldier!

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