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Non-linear campaigns


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I think it would be great for GR2 to have a branching campaign although the developers would have to do more work (more maps and more missions than usual - perhaps 30 to 40 in total). Based on my experience with the old Seal Team game from 1993, Here's how it would go:

It requires the concept of critical wounds and medevac or at least calling for extraction to abort the mission early. Perhaps the demo guy in a bridge blowing mission gets killed. You would have to pull out because you can't complete the mission or don't want to lose more guys. But there must be a reason why you survived, but did not complete the mission. Perhaps it was a bonus objective that you missed.

In real combat you couldn't just do the failed mission again because the bad guys would be all over the place next time or circumstances would have changed. You would have to do it differently. If the bridge wasn't blown, then in the next mission, you'd have to deal with the enemy column that rolls across it. This can be done on the same map. Perhaps in the following mission you could even go back and call in an airstrike on the bridge because without the column, it would be safer for men on the ground again. Here's an example of possible early dynamics. You will notice that by about mission 4 or 5 the campaign has taken three distinct directions (go to a solid number).

1 Blow up Bridge (if successful go to 2, if not go to 1a)

1a Stop tanks from getting across the bridge (if unsuccessful go to 3, succesful - 1b)

1b Return to call airstrike and finish of bridge (if unsuccessful go to 3)

2 Pick up downed pilot before enemy finds him (if Successful 4, if not 2a)

2a rescue captured pilot from POW camp

3 Sabotage tank column at guarded camp (success 5, not 6)

4 Eliminate enemy base before they prepare attack (success 5, not 4a)

4a hold off enemy attack on friendly base

...and so on. There could be as many as 30 primary missions spread across 3 linear, 10 mission campaigns, but with the option to press ahead and unlock the bonus missions (as many a dozen more) if you don't want to keep repeateing the same one over and over. The campaigns could span different regions or countries (tropical, temperate, desert) and even cross over to each other from time to time, sharing common missions where circumstances come together. This would create a sense of continuity and real world dynamics where things change according to your team's successes and failures.

Playing the Linear campaigns in the traditional way, would be like playing any of the GR campaigns. Except of course there are three of them. Choosing to forge ahead even through failure will unlock different missions, perhaps on previously used maps. It would deepen and prolong the experience and definitely ensure a variety of outcomes and replayability.

As I said, I'd like to see this kind of thing in GR2, but as for the reason I posted here - Can it be modded now?

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This idea comes up often enough I hope they do consider it for GR2. Ever since I started modding GR I have wanted to do this. It would certainly give campaigns better replay value.

IIRC this was possible when making levels for Unreal (although I never employed it) as you could could just use a trigger to load into another map. Of course that was a little different because you didn't go to a briefing and setup page - you just went straight into the mission. Different kettle of fish really I suppose.

Jack :)

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