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Absence of contact

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First things first....

*points at my Xfire sig*

TF2 for 26 hours and going. Meaning will be explained later in this post.

Now, the reasons why Take Two hasn't been updated with the PhysX hacks:

1. I have not received any messages from mirr since August 28th.

This was the last message:

I have a new version 4.2 thats almost done

-remade the blood effects from scratch to have them appear more

mist-like, trying to simulate high velocity impacts.

looks better than the previous version.

-some ai tweaks

I think you should make this or any new version publicly available,

so everyone who wants to try it can download it.

It should make the process to detect bugs much faster.

I'll also release my version of the mod, so there are more choices

for people to download.

I released the public beta of the PhysX version with my own tweaks, so we could get bugs squashed. After that day, no response from mirr.

2. In school, I have a good feeling that I won't have enough free time to mod as I really want to focus on my guitar. One night's worth of homework is Physics, Pre-Calculus, and AP (http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/about.html for you Europeans to know) American History. Boatload? I'll say no more.

3. I've had a personal insight: I no longer enjoy realism games. I've finally realized that I enjoy what you old hags ( :P ) call "them twitch games". That's right, the faster-paced, the harder it is, the more I'll enjoy it. That's why I have 26 hours in TF2 and it will CONTINUE to grow in play time.

4. I have too many things on my plate. I have PC gaming, guitar, writing, tech support stuff, and I struggle to manage to keep them all in balance. Throw modding into the equation, and the entire thing is thrown off.

5. I'm typing this up as I feel that I owe you guys an explanation of what's going on, so here it is.

As of Today, October 4th, 2007, support for Agent Smith's Effects Mod for GRAW2: Take Two Edition is now officially dropped. All rights have been removed and it is now free to distribute, edit, include in compilations, without requiring my permission.

God speed gentlemen.


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3. I've come to the realization that no matter how much games stress "realism", the end result is that the game reflects far from it. I kinda feel you on my defunct sort of "MR-C68" mod. What's the point? Overall it's just a code tweak, and texture pack. I'd like to finish it but seriously, what earth shattering jobbie is it going to do the community? none, which is why I'm getting back into LOMAC.

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Thanks for the post Agent Smith and many thanks for the awesome mod and the hours you poured in to it, great stuff. Take it easy :thumbsup:

I second Rocky's comments, Agent Smith... the Ghost Recon modding community has been an amazing source of awesome material and it's because of people like you. Tip of the hat, tilt of the mug and happy trails to you...

-John K.

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5. I'm typing this up as I feel that I owe you guys an explanation


You don’t owe us anything!!

Infact it’s the opposite, we all owe you for trying to make GRAW a better experience for us , thankyou for all your efforts.

It’s a sad day when you read that people like Agent Smith and Lightspeed say “I’ve had enough".

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