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one major change i think everyone would agree on...

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While everyone has their own opinions on the matter, I wonder if it might be better to scrap this game and build something else from the ground up rather than add to the current game/engine.

I agree with Cell... the engine and core technology is fine... "Get me Rosen" proves that to some extent...

But the CONTENT... we need BIG maps that are NOT linear... we need the bugs fixed and some gameplay issues resolved... and we need the tools stabilized for the modders to start going crazy.

I'm primarily SP so if there is no content, the game will get uninstalled. CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT.


-John K.

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I never expected that GRAW2 would nose dive so fast. But Why did they turn a tac-sim into a run of the mill First Person shooter? kids?

For me it simple. Content, and details. For the MP player, there are way too few stock maps. For the online coop player, there are way too few stock maps. As much as you love the game, it gets stale playing the same maps over and over again.

Couple this with kit restrictions that many don't like, collision issues, non casual user-friendly server setup, no auto-download, linear missions, no stock 4 respawn points for MP, small amount of MP gametypes, a delay in the mod tools.... and a whole host of features missing or added that people don't care for and you have people who lose interest. And why is gamespy c**k blocking our stats system?

This game is really good....with all the crap it takes, it is. If you look at what you get when you play there are plenty of positives to point out. Plus when I compare it to other games of its type, its still the best one out there....without the proper amount of content. 8( The graphics are great, the sound is awesome, a bit incomplete (most metal grates, bushes, leaves, make no sound) but still very good, the player movement is smooth, and feels right when playing. The MP maps, as few as there are, are more like IMO this community is looking for. The player models are real nice, weapons are nice and detailed, and really well done. From your own perspective they look great....hands/weapons...etc. Map details are nice, dust kicks up when someone shoots near ground or a rock, bullets kick up dust that's realistic looking, realistic grass & bushes.

Instead of scrapping the engine, or worrying about re-working it or re-building it, how about really concentrating on the game content and features. Content Content Content. Maybe it is a result of the engine, I wouldn't know, but to say this title is in the toilet, is going way too far.

This is one of those times where I say..I AGREE! but 80% of the servers are empty. AFZ, BDA and a couple others stay busy and that's it! I guess Halo3 is taken the kiddies away. great news!

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Well i have looked at the server list over the past few months and GRAW 2 is going down hill fast IMO.

just take a look tons of servers and about 10 servers with any one in.

most games today are aimed at the console for big ££££ not the poor pc.

i spent loads on GFX-SOUND-PSU-CPU-MEM and more for the next gen games and what do i get.

games that can run easy on XBOX360 and PS3 my GFX & sound cards cost as much as the XBOX.

I sit in hope that the PC will have its day again soon what a joke.

The day of tatctical gaming is dead, run and gun console gaming is here :wall:


Lol , i hear you.

I spend (give 'n' take) 500 euro's a year on my pc....just to open my e-mail box

Something's wrong here .

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This is one of those times where I say..I AGREE! but 80% of the servers are empty. AFZ, BDA and a couple others stay busy and that's it! I guess Halo3 is taken the kiddies away. great news!

I have to say that I think Halo 3 has a better sniper model than GRAW 2. At least in Halo it takes more than one shot to kill someone (unless it's in the head), but otherwise sniping feels almost the exact same.

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i think that its pretty useless to post these things.

have grin ever listened to us? have they ever read about old problems in GR1 that in fact ARE BACK in graw2?

no, they didnt.

1) Kits are pretty ridicolous (one of the big problems of [GR], where some mods had like 70/80 kits for a class of soldiers, (solved in GRAW 1 where u could customize ur weapon), now is back in multiplayer! good job ...

2) Again, NO RESTRICTIONS. like in GRAW 1, some servers are a hell of Gren launchers.

3) Difference between good/low video cards has sightly reduced, but still visible.

4) Snipers (but also other classes) dont have an heart and they do not breath too. Scope do not move at all. Try to weild ANY weapon, even a toy, with a scope on it. Or maybe we are all hatchcock.

In ArmA (armed assault) all the "balistic" section is v well made. Aim higher if target at distance, calculate speed of target, recoil when prone sightly less than when standing (try to shot the m107 standing in ArmA!!), machine guns are a serius weapon, and not a noise maker like in GRAW.

Great graphics, yeah. But for what? Behind the Tactics of the single player campaign (that actually aint the best one...) there is a run&gun multiplayer that is pretty ridicolous. And dont tell me abour RvsA. They could put RvsA in fear or quake or doom, gameplay and tactics would have been the same. Many improvements, still old problems.

Im pretty sick to write these things.

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