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Would you pay for an official GR:AW 2 map pack?

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I can't see buying any expansion packs. I see GRAW2 as a militaristic-ALA-Halo3 in that I have seen guys just camp and do the side step back and forth with the m99 just because of it's sheer velocity. I..Have come to accept this game "as-is" in that it isn't tactical in any form. The Diesel engine was not an engine designed for a game of this kind.

GR1, I played it upwards of 8 or more hours into the night, many nights. Each time the game ended up different, sometimes I was on a winning team, but sometimes I wasn't..replayability. Admins had great control over servers, more so than GRAW2 but, remember as I've said before, GR1 used all maps for SP and MP. all the maps used for the campaign were used for multiplayer action. no need for developing maps for SP and MP mode.

GRAW2, Play the few maps for a few rotations and then shut the game down. this is a different crowd. this group of players, NOT all but, the vast majority I've seen are a new breed. Now we're stuck with gamespy which is a dungeon of unworthy opponents because UBISOFT has a contract with Gamespy. whatever happened to direct IP connections? I feel this has really twisted the arms of clans as gamespy isn't the best network system for gaming. The campaign maps are a separate entity from the MP maps. but then the SP maps wouldn't be sufficient for MP mode. It's as if they designed SP maps for one kind of gameplay and the MP maps for ..MP mode. also, the SP maps are linear. GR1 maps didn't have the triggers for objectives, but maybe vehicles concurrently driving around while on the way to an objective. GRAW2, you have to trigger for the next objective. that's linear. no variation. perhaps a clan leader has a different approach to completion of a mission? but in order for the enemy to show up in most cases, you first have to set off the trigger to get the enemy to showup at the next objective. example? try the very first mission where you have to blow up the bridge, when you are supposed to go after the leader in the cave, run across the bridge. there are no enemies there. they WILL show up after you kill the rebel leader in the cave and destroy the artillery. that's a heart breaker.

I just don't see GRAW2 surviving much longer. People have already noticed and mentioned that not many people play on the servers, just a certain few servers with all the action. Now, alot of the servers are PW locked and no way to find out who runs the server or how to get the PW to play. kinda like a game about the CIA where everyone is left to his/her own means of trying to find this out.

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@Papa6, I don't know if this is the case with the majority of the locked servers, but I know that laddering is more active now compared with some weeks ago. I see the closed servers as a sign of health, as I take them as a consequence of laddering finally gaining some momentum.

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Of course the answer is YES, I would play extra maps but OF COURSE they must come FOR FREE. They should release an editor to build up maps in alternative.

The xpansion pack sounds like a nasty money machine,not really an extra bonus for fidel customers.


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AFTER a patch is released to address the known issues (SP and MP)... I might consider it, with the following caveats:

1) It must contain SP and MP maps (preferred option is to make all maps available to all modes but dare I dream?)

2) The quantity of maps must be significant (no, not 20... but certainly I feel cheated on what I got for my $50 for GRAW2 SP play out of the box, that's for sure)

3) Not just maps, but game play improvements (most of these will come from MP which I don't play but it's critical to the long-term survivability of GRAW 2 and must be addressed)

If those items were addressed I would strongly consider paying up to $29 for the EXPANSION pack (sorry, maps alone won't cut it for this one).

-John K.

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Man I was on Raven Shield to just see what was happening and people are buying servers and the it looks like twl ladder is coming back. There were more people on the old rvs game then there was playing graw2. Usually when I try to play graw2 online, there are a couple of full servers and a bunch of empty ones. I hate the spawn camping crap that always seems to happen. I really like graw 2 but so many bugs. We play coop almost every night and the sever always craps out at least once. I think it just needs to be fixed before they have the guts to charge for anything.

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If a map pack is released similar to how the DS and IT maps where delievered, similar to GR1. I would have no issue buying it for a reasonible price $30 max CND.

That means, SP mission, MP maps and patches to support.

If it is simply patch with a few maps.. like the map pack delievered in oneo the GRAW1 patches, no I would not buy it.

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Well I would as long as it got me out of the desert and in to some woods. You have to remeber guys that GR1 had 2 expansion packs. I think they cost about 10 dollars a piece.

Also I think that if they did start releasing some packs that it might expaned the comunity. Alot of GR folks felt cheated after the first GRAW . I did...

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Definitely. Forget NEW versions of GRAW for awhile. Let's get GRAW 2 built up with lots of great maps of all different types. Some city maps where you can actually enter the buildings and where there's no sweet spots to snipe everyone on the map. Let's make Multi-Player cheating go away. Let's make the online MP system easier to find rooms that match your installed options. Let's take what finally looks like a good upgrade from the first GR and make it as much fun as the first GR was until it was destroyed by crappy mods and cheaters.

I'd pay anywhere from $5-50 if there were sufficient maps to justify it. Say $1/map?

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Imagine GRIN would create a map pack?

Would you be willing to pay for it?

Please reply w/ either:

1. Yes

2. Depends on the amout of maps (state the amount of maps)

3. No, but I would love a GRAW2 map pack

4. No, don't need map pack



3 is definitely my answer as I think we are owed this much with coming a poor second to the 360 !

You need to remember where this all started GRIN and support the true followers of multiplayer gaming......the PC community !

With mappers like rpghard though, this will get better.

I just wish it was easier to make maps and I would do them myself.

Is there an instruction manual in existence that shows all the keys on the keyboard and what they do in the GRAW 2 editor ?


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Definitely whist to have all the GRAW1 maps and a major fix patch and hopefully we can also see a community map contest map pack in addition. This game would be way more fun and attractive to get some new players. Would also like to see a lot more efforts put into anti-cheats. I have been seeing this as a problem in many servers.

First a patch to fix all known problems 0:) +

Free DL mappack with ALL maps from GRAW1 and GRAW2 .

If this is a succes , i will pay for an expantion pack.

Its up to GRIN/UBI.

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