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OGR GRAW CoopModmaps for casual players?

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Played last weekend with friends [GR] GRAW 1 Coop Mod maps and it was lot of fun.

We are casual players and it was the first time we played [GR] coop mod maps. We played some maps from the RPGHARD map pack and the Desert #1 mod map. And Medal of War.

Some are quite hard and frustrating at the beginning and we abandoned some of them in order to move on to others (getting shot continuously from computer-controlled snipers from far away, after respawning and respawning, is not that fun ...).

Any suggestions you may have for casual players? Map packs or individual maps in [GR] Graw 1 or 2 to start with for casual players ?

Let me also here thank the map makers. They do great work. But I guess we are not as good players as them, and as casual players, would like to start with maps that are a bit easier to go through ( in 'recon' mode, particualrily).

Thanks to all in advance for your suggestions!

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