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Best driver nvidia


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Thanks. Where can I find 162.18 since laptopvideo driver website is down. I am going to look around for a little bit. right now I using 163.44 on xp withe graw2. The gameplay is fine, I can't find anything wrong graphic wise but what bothers me is that it take forever to boot up the game and to start the missions. Also, the game freezes after I complete a mission and in the menus at the begining of the game. Do you also have the problems. Do you think they are driver related. I am the running the game on a notebook with 4gb ram. 256mb nvidai 8600m gt, I can't think of any reason why I would be getting any other problems besides the nvidia drivers. Thanks


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Could also be a sound driver issue.Try turning sound down.Make sure to turn off any unwanted programs.

also if you revert back to the classic consol you can reduce draw ahead frames to 1 that also sometimes helps.You can download the registery hacks here.Section 1.b


One thing though.If you are using 163.75 or greater.it will not alow you to save antialiasing settings.

Ive tryed Nvidia n Tune and find that it crashes and eats up alot of recources.


Plus the classic is the only one ive found for Draw ahead tweek

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