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GR:AW 2 Movie

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The noob on the bridge in The Cut is yours truely. If you look closely I actually get a kill at the exact instant Conny kills me, so at least I have that going for me. =)

edit: hey where did that scene go? wow it's a long movie. lol

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I was trying Sony Vegas but I haven't really got any experience w/ it so... that was taking way too long :)

Squad_E knows that program inside out, plus he uses it for his work he does for his media course. He frequents the forums quite a bit, so it might be an idea for you to get in touch with him if you're stuck with something in Sony Vegas.

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Thanks for the info WytchDokta

NP. He's the video engineer, I'm the sound engineer. While I do have Vegas too, same version as Squad_E, I tend to leave all the vid editing stuff to him as he has better video engineering skillz than me (he has a load of his videos on YouTube, but he's under a different alias there, and it's not for me to post his work without his permission)

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did someone mention movie?..

I know there was another movie thread in the [GR] section ..

I'd love to make a GR movie..

I found Sony vegas well easy to pick up, as ive used other sony products before (acid).

AS long as someone gets a steady script ready im all in the green, for example a nice CSAR movie would look cool .. :whistle:

But my film & media study work is kinda building up.. Plus I've got some more Arma Movie plans ahead.. That i'm so cravin' to make..


Just click my link at the bottom to view my work .. :thumbsup:

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Nice frag video. Some very nice scenes :) Im not into rap/hip hop music but i like your choice, whates the band name ?

Intro - Boondock Saints

Nigg*z Betta Move - 50 Cent (Underground Freestyle)

And these instrumentals:

The Boondock Saints Soundtrack - Armageddon Mix

Fight Music - D12

You're All I Need - Method Man ft. Mary J Blige (Remix by the RZA)

I'm Hot - MIMS (don't like the song, only his beat)

Pop, Lock & Drop It - Baby Huey

No wonder i kept getting own!!! what vid setting do you guys use in the game? lowest possible is it?

nice movies, i thought i hear jarhead music

somehow i feel energize after watch this vid clip... :devil:

I got almost everything on medium - shadows & AA turned off.

Nice C9, much love showed in the movie ;)

LOL 0:):devil:

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Some cool stuff for sure. I'm guessing you have the full version of fraps? I tried doing something like this a while ago, but I have the free version, so I kept getting distracted and having to press f9 and then having to guess, within 30 seconds, when I would get a kill...

Yea i used the full version of fraps, Hobo however told me there's a better program -> GameCam, from what I heard it doesn't make your frames drop as much as fraps makes it do. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere.

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