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I am a really big fan of the rvsa mode. It's all I play. I really wish there were more clans that ran their servers just in rvsa mode and more custom maps. Here are some of my suggestions to make the game better.

1) When there is 2 players in a server, there should be only one random Adat availabe to be exploded at a given time, and the Assault team should spawn next to it. This will help start servers up and give the Assault team a better chance of bringing the players in direct battle and stop the camping.

2)When the server gets to 4 players, there will be 2 random Adats available at a given time. Each Assault player spawn at one of the Adats. When one is blown the last Adat become available.

3) When the server gets to 6 players, then all Adats are available and the game proceeds as normal. The final decision of the numbers of players that change it from 1 random adat to 2 random adats to a normal rvsa server should be left up to the server admin. Meaning the server admin can play with these numbers how he sees fit.

:D I think this will help server start up faster because it makes the game better playable for small number of players.

:zorro: BuFFaLo-SouLjaH

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