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Help with Coop Dam Maps Versions


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They were up to version 4 the other day.....

Have just checked and they are now at version 7!

-coop_dam_v7 - This is a revamped revision of GRIN's dam map. Version 7 contains progressigive spawn points and an increased number of AI. Lightmaps corrected in tunnels.

-coop_damnight_v7 - This is a night time version of GRIN's dam map. It contains the same elements as version 7 of dam, just at night.

Filefront D/L links:

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I am having issues with Dam maps as well. Basically I have Coop_dam_v3/v7, but when I go into game says file could not be found. Also, when I want to create server with that map its not under coop_ but under snakepit_dam_v7/v3. Is there any way to edit this? Reason, no matter where I download the map from its still the same.


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I am also having an issue, in the DL setion it has CoOp Dam V3 night and Day DL's available. When you install them they change names to Snakepit. I see both the Snakepit Dam and CoOp Dam listed on the Server lists for maps being played but I'll be damned if I can find the plain CoOp version in the DL section.

The snakepit verson is real nice and I have a lot of fun playing it but I would like the other versions to be available as well.

(going to try DL'ing those V7 ones Pave posted and see what that gets me).

Nope, those are Snakepit maps as well. If they are as good as the V3's I'm sure I'll enjoy them but Where the H are the Coop_Dam maps I keep seeing on the online servers list at?

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