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Made a test model to try and work with different levels. Manual states rooms should be between 3 - 4M in height. Each set of steps rises 3.2M.

Problem is I can walk all the way to the top using any set of steps, but i cannot walk down any of them. I thought it might be the height in between each set of stairs, but as you see in last piccy, there is nothing to stop me going down, but it won`t let me. I removed all collision barriers and there should be nothing in my way. Walk up any set of steps and turn around, cannot go back down.

Any suggestions? Steps and walkways are 1M wide. :(




Do i need to use sherman transitions for the stairs with this set up, or will it be fine split into normal levels?


What is the difference in shermanlevelheight1.0 and shermanlevel01_1.0

I have seperated all the levels and have:

shermanlevelheight1.0 through to shermanlevelheight8.0 all floor polys are tagged correct, but i see no floors in Igor anymore. However it does show as having 8 levels. From the PDF i think it should be shermanlevelheight1.0 and anything else shermanlevel01_1.0 through to shermanlevel01_7.0?


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Not having much luck, but we break it down a little and try again.

Here we want to make 3 levels. We have a shermanlevelheight1.0 and all else is above it. The ground is tagged as a floor poly and as level 1.0 plus room 01 in the editor.

We have a shermanlevelheight2.0 at the height of the first step. All above it until the first step of the next floor is tagged as floor poly and levels2.0 and room 01.

We have a shermanlevelheight3.0 at the height of the first step on the next flight. All above it until the first step of the next floor is tagged as floor poly and levels3.0 and room 01.


In Igor i have 1 room plus 3 levels but no floor?


Room list: room 01 levels 1.0 2.0 3.0 end end

Crash log when try to enter game: Insertion zone out of play area - placing randomly


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1. Make sure you have your floor polygons tagged as floors.

2. In your object list in the picture, for all levels to be in the same room, make sure they are grouped as one room, e.g. _01.

3. You will need shermanlevels for multi-level rooms. In the case of three levels, you will need shermanlevel01_1.0, shermanlevel01_2.0, and shermanlevel01_3.0. Make sure each shermanlevel is tagged for the room and level.

4. For pathfinding, it is best if you have the stairs in separate shermanlevels, e.g. shermanlevel01_1.5stairs, shermanlevel01_2.5stairs, with shermantransitions at the beginning and ending of the stairs. Make sure the stair shermanlevels are tagged for both levels they connect - e.g. for shermanlevel01_1.5stairs, make sure it is tagged for room 01 and levels 1.0 and 2.0.

5. It's best if you detach the floor polygons (the upper surfaces that can be walked on - including stair steps) from the edge and underside surfaces, and make sure the edge and underside surfaces are NOT tagged as floors.

6. You may want to tag the stair risers as non-colliding 2D, otherwise sometimes Igor interprets them as collision walls that AI won't cross.

7. Floor surfaces don't have to be tagged for levels-that's what the shermanlevels do, and as far as I can tell, the level-tag on floor surfaces is not read by the engine.

It looks like the key here is the shermanlevels.

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Thnx Cobaka

Sherman levels is confusing. I have 3 shermanlevelheights.

For now i keep the stairs transitions out.

Now i made a box named shermanlevel01_2.0 and ensured all floor polys for level 2 were inside.

Same for next level.


Same issue with no floor showing in Igor.


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You need a shermanlevel for all three floors, and shermantransitions on your stairs to link between shermanlevels. Your object list does not have a shermanlevel01_1.0.

Also, you have the room grouped as _1; I believe _01 is not the same (check your exportdebug).

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