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Coop - plain and simple


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First I just wanna say hooray for the map makers and the yet to be released coop maps! :rofl: Looks to be some fine work coming out soon. I now have renewed hope for this game. Thanks guys. You know who you are.

What prompted my post was this:

Has anyone noticed almost all the coop maps in the DL section are over 1000 downloads?

It would seem there are more coop junkies out there than I realized.

Keep up the good work. We need you. :yes:

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It seems like everything in development is for the adversarial types. But it's real nice to know that the co-op folks are still alive and kickin in a major way. Of course I hope Grin comes through an a few features absent in the gameplay, and that coop mapmakers get the gears churning. Either way, I'm having fun with the game.

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EVERY single map was available as COOP in Ghost Recon 1.

It's a shame that isn't the case with GRAW.... 1 or 2.

This problem stems from the recent trend of developing two games in one: a SP campaign + a separate MP side. I hate it. Unfortunately the me-vs-you crowd must have their arena maps for their virtual paintball matches, and the co-op crowd (or as I call them, the ghost recon crowd) get leftovers.



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how many co-op maps for graw2(pc)?
Campaign Coop or Coop? Campaign has all 10 original SP maps, and Coop has 3, I think.

how many user mad co-op maps?
Oh boy there's a bunch! Check the d/l section.

are cheaters a problem in co-op?
What I have read about cheaters pertained to TvT MP. I have not read about cheaters in coop.

how do i find good co-op servers with good players that dont cheat and work as a team?
Can't help you there!
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Cangaroo is pretty much correct. There were 3 coop maps on release.

There is over a hundred maps that have been created by the community. Lots of them are crap.

Lots are made for multi-respawn. There are not that many that can be won with only one death.

We don't see any cheating problems but then most everyone who plays on our server are pretty decent.

Our server is one death and full most nights. You do the math. :)

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