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Kit restrictions or not? [for TRR mod]

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Lighty, you're gonna have to learn to take criticism mate. You acted like this when we told you to fix some of the stuff for teh OE maps. People have opinions and you asked for them. Can't hack it? Then don't ask. You're doing a great job, quit focusing on a couple of posts you view as negative. You won't find 100% agreement anywhere.

I agree with what Huddex said about stock, he has a great point. We have 2000+ matches on TCZ and everything was stock maps. Granted, the rules there stated we could do anything we wanted as long as the opposing team agreed to it. In fact, that's how random maps (chosen by the game engine) came to be standard fare on TCZ. We had the idea, CDN said "hell yeah" and it took off.

Grin really should have included at least 4 truly random spawns so that we wouldn't have to mod these things in. Same with weapons kits, like [GR] had. Unfortunately now you have to enable a mod in a text file to play your TRR pack which sucks cuz you get kicked if you don't remove that entry before you join a stock server. Couple that with the fact that getting a mod to run on a server takes an act of god and it's just the odds stacked against you. At least w/the maps you drop 'em in and go. Hopefully at the very least we'll see auto-map d/l in teh future.

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Peace its not possible to make it unfortunately - but after much pressure I have done my 3rd and final restriction.

there are 41 kits in original GRAW2 - i have pulled out 5 which i believe give an unfair advantage.

those are - m99 and assault kits that give u the frags plus a sighted primary with sd attached.

everything else is in.

Thats still not good enough, as Peace sas options is the key to success. Find a way to let the server admins decid what they want in the game instead of you deciding for them/us. Do that and this mod have an above average possibility to be a success.

That's not going to happen with any simple mod or map. It's simply the design that GRIN took with the design of the game. Unless someone finds a way to change the coding and file structure and xml usage by the engine. Server sided restrictions will NEVER happen without either a completely new mod specific to that server that wants a particular restriction and class/kit design or maps that restrict stock kits. You cannot add new or modify existing kits without a mod. Then they are set and no-one has the option to modify them except by releasing their own version of the mod that people would then have to download and activate just to play on that one server.

GRIN really kneecapped the game by this design IMO but that is for another thread.

Kudos for Lightspeed for taking the time and effort to make a mod. Sounds like some here are critizing when they are going to do essentially the same thing (a random respawn take on the TDM gametype). Looks to me Lightspeed has even done what he can to keep as much choice as he can given the requirement by the game engine to have kits - which cannot be changed as far as I know. He has made the effort to listen to and incorporate a restriction based on the most criticized kits/weapons that most people are complaining about and made one tweak to another class for balance.

What I see is great that Lightspeed has done is create the new gametype for people to play. Who has to say the maps he includes are the only maps that can be created for the mod? Or that they can't be modified with different kits. It's already been proven that it's not that hard to restrict the kits that people don't want. So if Lightspeed simply includes the definitions of all the stock kits in his xmls, but doesn't use the ones he wants to restrict on the mods included maps it makes it possible for people to add them later. Lightspeed I sincerely hope you read and consider this. Then all people have to do is create their own kit definition xml and use that in their custom maps or repackaged maps from the mod - just like Nutlink and I did with the stock maps when we each created our own resticted GL and M99 versions of the stock maps. I'd be willing to bet Lightspeed wouldn't mind since it's his gametype that is actually being used and it would grow.

So come on guys stop criticizing and open your eyes and see what is possible with the ground that has been laid by Lightspeed. He's opened up a whole new way of playing. Who's to say you have play it exactly the same way? Make your own maps, and change the kits available if you want different weaps. That way, while he may not include them in his version of the maps, server operators could included them in custom maps or versions of the existing maps for the mod.

@Lightspeed, I would humbly suggest that you add as many variants to the kits as you can think of based on what people have said that they want provided that they don't completely unbalance the other kits. Also I would suggest that you move you kit restrictions xml's into the map folders them selves making it easier for server operators to change the restrictions based on the hopefully plentiful kits you have available - PM me if you want or need details on how to do this. This would provide some flexibility for server hosts in regards to restrictions, while enabling the mod to gain in popularity.

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OK yet again - i apologize to a fellow GR member - yes i lost it.

so sorry huddex for my outburst.

no excuse.

well after much deliberation (i so wanted to get some restrictions in the game to improve play - but not enuff ppl support the idea) so i'm just going to release it with the default GRAW2 weapons and let the server admins work it out.

at least once i get this mod out i can look into creating a new weapons mod with a reworked GL and more frags.

again huddex - i was out of line and anyone else i may have offended.

permission to cap me ingame granted.

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