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Remake of Castle Day


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OMG.....Biro you are brilliant!! "Can you say on the money" After doing a run through of this map it took me back to to the "good ole days" dying so many times for so many years on just that map! It also brought a tear of joy to my eye...now I can't wait to die on it in GRAW2....ASAP. :rofl: OH and by the way...its up on ShadowCompanyElite.com Server!! :thumbsup:



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thanks Biro -

i know this prolly wasnt near as challenging to produce as the Farm (i understand modding maps for GR was hella hard), but this gift you have given us is fantastic and the GR fans are truly lucky to have a map modder named Biro producing more great works.

cheers to you.

and look forward to more of your offerings in the future.

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Man I am very excited about this map it was one of my all time favorites.

I keep crashing though, this is the error I get:

Crash in application version: 30621.2989

Unhandled exception - access violation


PhysXCore (???) : NpCreatePhysicsSDK







Renderer: threaded

Physics : threaded

Any help would be great as I cant wait to play it.


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