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It's days like today


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Today is one of those rare days.

You know the kind.

Not too hot.

Not too cool.

Not too humid.

A perfect breeze.

Just enough clouds in the sky.

85 degrees. 13mph wind. 54% humidity. Perfection . On . Earth. It's rare days like today that I am glad that I live here in Florida. :)

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Florida seems like a nice place to live unless it's hurricane season ...

Or if you are there in July for a conference and the elevators are being worked on and you have to walk up 10 flights of stairs to your room and the stairs are OUTDOORS. Needed an extra shower after that ordeal.

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Down here in the Mendips, we don't wash our cars - the rain does that for us. And our cars are always clean due to the 90% chance of it raining (seriously, in this particular area of the Mendips, we often during the winter have three seasons in one day. I've watched many a day start out sunny, in the afternoon it turns into a torrential downpour, then in the evening it starts snowing)

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Most pointless thread of the year award goes too.....

Squad_E :rolleyes:

I said, thread not member.. Learn how to read... :rolleyes:

Inadvertedly the award goes to a member because a thread is started by a member, it doesn't start itself! Learn how to interpret my foreign accent (what foreign accent?)

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