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Anybody still play COH?


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HS is the GRNET COH champ. - Or maybe not,... who was it you played that gave you a good game again HS?

Yeah, thanks for the reminder <_<:P

Recon beat me... quite badly. He sure know how to move his infantry around. I'd like to fight him again some time, but this time with the United States of America! :devil:

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Cheers, done. How does one go about actually starting/joining a game via Xfire?

Also, GR is the only game on my list, even though I have others (including CoH) installed. How do I add more games to the 'all' section when I want to search for servers?

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It should really auto detect all your games, but in one of the menus there is an option to point it to your games.

I see you online now....

Not all game servers can be joined from xfire.

Check the spec in the help menu to see if you have the latest games list

XFIRE_GAMES.INI Version 28520

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Yes it is a major screw up.

Now, not everybody is affected, but PLENTY are. And this is the number one best selling RTS game out there, and the action is online, not offline - so, the way I see it, this is really poor show.

I sent budgie a link to a thread about it on the relic forums, and people are posting lists of games they play fine online, but CoH refuses to connect.

One of the issues has apparantly been tracked down to a BT router (BT being the largest UK telecoms company), and might never get fixed!

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I can't play it now for some reason or other. I hadn't played in a while, so I patched the game when I got on last night. I started up a skirmish, and about halfway through a game my computer shuts down. I tried twice more, and it happened twice again.

I haven't had this problem since the early summer with Oblivion. Once I got a new PSU, everything was fine. I don't know any reason this should crop up now, especially if it runs fine on other games (even the UT3 demo). I'm not sure if it's an overheating issue either because I never had that problem before.

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