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What are these guys doing?


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On another forum, far far away *cough*, there has been quite a heated discussion concerning such things as UFO's.

This vid was posted as indicating a British military interest in crop circles.


Disregard the commentary on the vid for now and just look at what these helicopters are doing. Any thoughts on why army helicopters would be flying so low and whats with following people down a road like that? Is it even legal to be that close?

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Any thoughts on why army helicopters would be flying so low

Hmmm :hmm: now why would Battlefield Helicopters practice low flying...... :hmm:

google something called Nap-of-the earth (NOE) :P

The lynx was fitted with TOW missile mountings (in Anti-tank role) and the gazelle is a recon/spotter (Gazelle finds bad guys Armour .....and then the Lynx(es) clobber em)

They were just practising low flying, Masking, pop-ups and moving to next "hide" and team work together

(farmer would have given permission to use fields for practice)

plus just buzzing some boons in a car who parked in practice area, they were well away and safe when car was on the road

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