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My Weapon Skins

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Update on the 416

I found a guide (here: http://www.ar15.com/lite/topic.html?b=1&am...579&page=1) on how to make real guns multicam, so i recreated it on photoshop for authencity.



Opinions please, i still have the old pattern in case this is SNAFU

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Retexture of Brett's new players (With many, many more to come)





And I don't have any links to any skins yet, mainly because I'm never happy with any of them.

[Edit IAW Forum Rule 3.14 - Please don't post oversize images direct]

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zo my god >< looks really nice i think you should be happy with your skins cause not much ppl know how to skin the new ghosts >< (im having problems)

anyways good job !

and if i can ask for a skin request, could you make a woodland MARPAT skin with tan or khaki equipment ???? that would be really nice if you did one !

and do you have a link for the tan gripped MP5 ?

so wanna use lol ><

anyways good job on the retexture !

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You know there's a patch to fix the grips, it also fixes Beasley's head for 1st person. On the arm patch, the flag should be pointing with the stars facing the same direction as the soldier, as if they were carrying it into battle, or on a flag pole. It'll look backwards, but it's actually the proper way to do it(I know because I made the mistake before). Looks like you need to paint the forearms as well. Otherwise cool.

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looks nice DerRelient. to be honest with a few things tho - the acu and m81 don't really look that great together. i don't know if you were aiming for that or not :| if anything i think you should make all the equipment (crye armour and trousers, etc) a tan to give it a more Special forces look :)

also if you don't mind, could you take a look at my marpat request ? i'm hoping someone could make them look like special marine units :D

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