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Yes Jeppetto please donate the skins. Plus please put up some more pictures. And yes *LOL* please put some silencers on those uzis as well.

update: I've figured out *with the help of cobra6 from cocobolo mods* why my pips on reticules wasn't showing up on my grenade launcher coded weapons. Apparently the reticules that was made for me was too big and disrupted the pips from appearing at all.

I've asked cobra6 if he would donate some scope reticules for my weapon.

Oh no. Wait a minute damn't one of my scope reticules isn't that big. Wait, now I'm really confused.

Ok. Back to the drawing board. More research needed.

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Ok. folks. Here is what I'm thinking.

300Mag.....in honor of soup31314 leaving for war lets call the community mod the name that he suggested...

Ghostrecon Modders Expansion Pack 1.0

GMEP 1.0

Its already have guns and skins planned to be included and why not maps?? Lets include some of the new maps as well. Too bad cheyenne mountain is not ready yet.

Also, I've gone and asked nightmare and nkognito whether he would like to add any of their skins to the mod.

HOpe to hear from em soon.

ONE MORE THING 300MAG.........................

Could you please update us on what weapons we have so far from whom? And if they are from an existing mod? And what have you received or not received yet from models that were promised to you??

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I think it looks swell......er....cool. :lol: Its perfect to me....Ok I agree slightly larger silencer, but only slightly, let your pictures be the guide.

Ok. In response to Grail..................

I get what you mean. The main focus is still weapons but this is a community mod and any other material to support the use of the mod and to make it more appealing will be allowed.

However I get your point.

300mag, please listen.

This is what I believe the priority of the material in the modders expansion pack should be:

1. weapons

2. skins

3. maps (if any are donated)

4. missions (if any are donated)

300Mag and the rest of the .gun file makers....it is vital.....crucial that the .gun files be made so that the weapons are approximately realistic and fun. Yes, it will be nice to have a big selection. But if players don't have fun using the weapons then they will simply go back using the mod they are used to. Namely, dagrm4.8 .

And what is sad is that some people don't like dagrm4.8 all that much but they play it anyway because..."thats what others are using". I am not saying to make the .gun files like the ones in dagrm4.8 OMG NO! :o In fact, make it a little realistic and balanced but for goodness sake don't make em so "realistic" that they become useless! If your going to make an assault rifle .gun file......THEN MAKE AN ASSAULT RIFLE .GUN FILE! . Make real machine guns, sniper rifles and other weapons so that players would want to play this mod. Realistic and useful weapons that are powerful, deadly, yet balanced.

However, some people are quite plainly spoiled by the ridiculously easy .gun file coding in the dagrm4.8. Do you remember when people were complaining about the guns in Gunslingers grm4.0-6.0? Now look at what we have to deal with with dagrm4.8!

We won't be able to break players' addiction to that mod with just a cool selection of guns alone. Some will think incorrectly that other mods are "too hard". Thats where the cool (and I mean COOL) character skins comes in our mod. That is where the nice selection of maps comes in. And that is where the coolest scripted missions comes in.

We will have so much cool stuff to compliment the guns that people will be drawn to this mod. I want ghostrecon players to not be able to think about the game without thinking about....The Ghostrecon Modders Expansion Pack 1.0 GMEP 1.0

(Thats what the mod should be called per Soup31314's recommendation).

Any thoughts?

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I get what you mean. The main focus is still weapons but this is a community mod and any other material to support the use of the mod and to make it more appealing will be allowed.

That's all cool :D

Just concerned that the quality would begin to dilute as the archive begins to swell with a mass of unrelated materials. Adding skins, for example, would also cause problems when combining it with skin MODS.

Liked the idea of having a weapon pack to slap onto whatever else it was I was playing.

But it's all cool! Real thankful you guys are making this :wub:

*edit* typo

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The weapons will be a good mix. I've been toying around with things and obviously the best way to do it is tweak them and play coop for an hour.

Annoyances crop up quickly. I've never had a session at the range where an M16/AR15 took nearly as long as the UBI M16 model to get on target. Never been able to hit a target with an M4 at 400 yards by snap shooting either, such as in GRM4.8.

It will be a mix somewhere in the middle. I agree, we cannot tame them down so much as to kill the fun factor. Realism must be involved as well to the extent possible.

As far as the name, I would suggest we start a poll. Reason is this, since it's a community mod, I think we should let the community name it based upon a list of suggestions. Same with the final weapons, skins, missions, etc. list. Once the mod is somewhat compiled and complete, we let it go beta to the contributors and smooth it out based upon input. That way we have the a product that best fits with consensus.

Also, in thinking of all this, I believe we may want to consider bringing some of this out in modules for a couple reasons. Size is one, the other is conflicts. We could be introducing enough that we create one heck of a long integration / beta testing phase. It may be a good time now to nail down the base structure of all this.

Just my 2 cents :)

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Ok. I see where your going but...........

In a Ubi.com lobby it would be nice to just name the room.....


instead of............


And have somebody be able to join the room because they have parts A and B but not C or D. You see where I am going with this?? Its just that I sorta miss Gunslingers 6.0 where you had a selection of skins in the multiplayer game setup screen and you didn't need a skin program like sabre teams because the skins were right there so you could use. It took a while to cycle thorugh the skins because of there being no scroll bars (thanks RSE) but you could choose the skin you wanted after every round.

I would like it if the mod came in one package. But for non-broadband players It would be nice if there were multiple ways of getting the mod. One big package for broadband guys, one mod divided into several parts for easy downloading. And also how about having it in .zip format to include the MAC players out there.

I do get the point though about possible mod conflicts when you mix certain mods. Whatever you think of or decide............well.......if you do decide to split this mod in seperate working modules then please name them part A , part B, etc. Because I don't want to name a room in a ubi.com lobby..........(to use nightmare's moduled mod for instance)..........jungle recon, stealth recon, desert recon, snow recon, underwater recon, space recon---coolsiege ya!!!

It will just be too long. :rolleyes:

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Hey that is what we are doing with Operation: Winter Nights. There will be the whole verrsion for broadband users then a parts for the dialup guys. What ever yall come up with remember to save me a copy.

This maybe my last post talk to yall later.


green 6 dropping off the net.

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Good discussion,

I don't really have any doubts that a combined mod is possible, but I would suggest that we take a structured approach. We already may be, but 12 pages of thread tend to dilute things.

Just to ask what we intend to do...

. Exactly what do we intend to put in (categories)

. Who is the focal point and will perform the integration of each? I have to be honest in saying that I do not have the resources to do all of the integration and testing. I'm one step away from being in Soups shoes. Nothing yet, but still on the busy side.

Stalker, I would appreciate any assistance you can give in that area. You are knowledgeable and heavily engaged in this. There may be times, due to work schedule, that I cannot check on things for 10 hours or so. Any assistance would be very helpful and appreciated.

Thaks very much all. Very much looking forward to this :)

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I hope to God The Almighty that I am able to take this test this week. If so then I will be able to help coordinate in any way that I can. Unofficially I've been coordinating this mod with encouragement and ideas and such. But frankly, anytime you see me posting its because I'm taking a transcenders simulation test and I am pausing it so I can spend time posting to forums.

Heh heh. ;)

I guess I'm procrastinating but when I am finally done with the cert expect me to engage more heavily in the completion of the mod. I still think you should be the main focal point of this should be 300Mag but there should be others helping like a team. One guy should be in charged of communicating with modders to get them to contribute. One guy should be in charge of gun models and getting them exported and ready for in game use. Another guy should be doing .gun files. And so on.......

So far, Its 300mag and myself I guess coordinating. And a whole bunch of guys doing models and skins. I guess what we need more of is coordinators. Anybody willing to help gather stuff and get it ready.

But 300mag........even though you are busy you must be willing to still take leadership and delegate like any good leader. If you don't have time to do something give someone an assignment.

We have plenty of modders what we need now are coordinators. Can we please get more volunteers in those areas??

Ok. Back to transcenders.

p.s. I have a comment on .gun files I wanted to post before. I don't know what people were complaining about in the grm4.0-grm6.0 mods. I loved those .gun files. My favorite weapon of all the mods thus far is still the m4 sopmod sd of the grm4.0-6.0 mods. I think it is the best .gun file for an assault rifle and should be used as an example for all assault rifle .gun files out there.

Ok. Now that I've gotten that off my chest......back to transcenders for real now. "whats an A (host) record again?" hmmmmmmmmm <_<

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It looks fine to me. If anything it dhould be alittle bigger. The MK23 Mod 0 is a huge pistol with all it's attachments. Some operators have procured USP Tacticals rather than use it's bigger, bulkier brother.

yeah but look at the finger compared to the trigger guard, i know the guard is supposed to be bigger to fit there finger with a glove on but that looks to me a little too big of a trigger guard

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