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Shadow my man, Im more impressed with each wep you post. I love the mk. Ive gotta get with you and see how you do the ammo. I know how to texture one side of the wep differently but I can never get the ammo to look correct. Great job! Shoot me a IM and let me know your secret :D

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Hey MM SHADOW !!!!

( have the perfect reticule for the c-more site on that pistol.

Its a custom creation by DVS1 that is not on his basic list that everyone knows about.

The only thing about it that you have to use a custom color setting in the effects.xml file so you can see a green site with a red dot in center. As a matter of fact can you alter your model so the site lens is green with a red dot??

Also, on your model the lens looks a little squarish. The actual lens is more round.

But the main body is incredible.

It looks awesome by the way.

Can you send me the model too??? :)

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=MM=Shadow - I like your Mk46. One note though - maybe I'm seeing it wrong, but it looks like your Elcan is backwards. The smaller diameter fitting can sometimes be seen on the front of the scope - maybe it's an anti-glare cover or something.

This is a left side view:


More stuff:


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Also, MM shadow.....

You had a question about .gun files. In my opinion, if the .gun file is not that of some already released work and is an original .gun file for this mod then please don't make it too hard.

Yes, make it realistic but don't go overboard like RSE. The default stuff is just so hard it becomes unrealistic. Don't make it like dark angel's stuff and don't make it too hard. Try to find an acceptable balance that will make the player feel like saying...."this is awesome dude!"


Also, please go ahead and ask the other modders out there if they would like to donate some work from older mods that people love. That way this mod will get a bit beefier. And tell them we will not touch their .gun files but leave em as is.

That way people will have a very good selection of weapons with different style of .gun files. This is a community mod!

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@ EARL... OMG you mean the Elcan M145 is on the wrong way??

Let me know if it is i will need to re-export them :unsure:

@ Stalker. the reflex i put on is square, 1) to lower poly count and 2) cus pic i got had a nice looking ret..

As Shown.


If you dont like just say and ill change it. ;)

@DTDWardenMac its a piece of cake m8.. ;) Hook up on msn and ill tell ya.. or send me a line.

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No rush. What I have is not all inclusive at all. I imagine that the final weapons list will be flexible until the end of development. It will take a little time to patch together the number of weapons we will have and then tweak them to a level everyone likes.

As far as skins, I have not delved into that. Good idea, just don't know anyone who does it personally. Do we have any potential contacts in that area?


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hey I did up a shotguns and pistol only and a shotguns only for the mod. Cuase I know I love to play market with shotguns only Its great.

I know there will be more shotguns and pistols so 300 mag you will have to update the kit restriction file. *.KIL.

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I do like mm shadow. Its just that I would like to use it for my sniper cannon mod as well.

Making it round at least for my mod would be appreciated. you can keep it as so for the community mod that way you don't have to rush to do it. Plus I have the reticule for mine that I could send you so you know what I mean. Say the word and I will email to you.

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Heres my contribution if its needed...Uzi and MiniUzi...I have both of these in SD format also...



Also I skin and if you guys need some ask me for them...I have some tiger stripe skins done also...if your interested in that...

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Please send those. We need som short CQB weapons. Thanks very much.


Yes, I think that qualifies as support ;) I'd love to have it. Thanks!

I played around with some of DTDs material last night. You guys put out some really sweet material. Very well balanced.

Thanks all. The patchwork continues....

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