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What about selecting skins in game in a multiplayer setting? It would be nice if a player can have a selection of skins to choose from in game. Like six or so per player type.

Like six assault skins, six support skins and so on. But what your talking about is a selector program similar to the one with sabre teams??

I guess it all depends on how many skins we are able to put together both original and donated from other mods.

What do you other guys (and gals) think?

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Shadow, with that mk46, make both versions with and without scope.

Maybe with and without silencer. That thing is sweet!

Has anyone thought about weapon scales?

Sometimes modders are a little off on their sizing.

I don't know if you want to have a consistant look and feel, or are letting modders use creative license.

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Hes just modeling products from Blackhawk Industries the guy on page 6...to answer question from JTF-2. They supply gear to special forces groups.

He might be using gear U.S. Navy Devgru are using.

Not exactly sure though.

Hey soup, you need to add a scope texture to that model of the aw50. You didn't detach the scope lens. I am trying to do that for you now but I am running into trouble.

Anybody help?

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Hey shadow if you going to use the pvs 4 on the SAW that is what it looks like. It need to be larger. But what we use is the elcan m145 3x scope. Looks really good though.

Finally got word I will be leaving sunday-tuedays. tuesday is the day that they are saying we are leaving.

I posted over at theplatoon and asked earl if he would join up.

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LOL. What? NO foregrip??? LOL :lol:

Incredible man! Thanks MM shadow.

Last couple hours I've been tweaking Soup's aw50 that he sent me.

I lowered the poly count from 1400 to around 1250 plus I fixed the lens textures on his scope plus replaced the texture on the scope itself.

I put a jungle camo skin on the scope which I think compliments the gun nicely.

I would like to remote link the pic so you can take a look at it. But soup needs to help me with that.

Hey soup, wheres the 25mm gun??

300mag I am working to give you the 3 models I promised. But because of time you will have to position and export the aw50 for me. Thanks.

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Hey guys, looks like you've got a good think going here, I'm sure it will be popular, but I'm going to have to decline the offer. Sorry to be such a loser, but here's why:

As much as I take my time to put extensive detail in the models and textures, I also care a lot about format. Personally, I've never liked large weapon compilations, I know online players love a big selection, but I prefere the realism of a specific unit with appropriate weapons. Examples:

22nd SAS



Swedish Forces

Armee Francaise

Canadian Ops

Spetsgruppa Vympel

For me, it makes a mod feel contained and complete. A sprawling weapon mod with hundreds of weapons just isn't my style. My work isn't just random models and textures, I have a good idea of the project I am trying to complete, and I like my work to remain in that specific format.

I don't want to take anything away from your community project, it's a great idea and I think a lot of people will like it, it just isn't my thing. :(

Having said that, I have a few random weapons that never had a home (and so were never released):

-Chinese Type 96 bullpup assault rifle

-Chinese SMG (no idea what model)


They need textures, and I'm really busy, so I may not get around to it, but I'll toss them in if I get time to skin them.

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just curious,.. MM shadow, what do you do for a living? do you work or goto school? that model looks very professional, I use 3d programs for a living in the work i do (i use solidworks and inventor 5) but for some reason i am not good at learning 3dsm do any of the moders here that use 3dsm use it professionally? or just to make wep models?

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Sounds great  Thanks much. Any way you could post a few pics? I'd love to see them.



this is RT-20, single shot, bullpup, 20mm sniper/anti materiel rifle

(in game it's coded to destroy tanks)



APS-95, assault rifle in 5,56mm NATO cal, based on Vektor R-4, 1,5x "red dot" integrated scope, 35rds clip,with single shot, 3rd burst and full auto mode/

RBG-1 underbarrel grenade launcher, 40mm, simmilar to M203, only with buton trigger

I'm sorry, but I don't have any MACS-M2A render ready to post...it's also heavy sniper rifle, single shot, bolt action, in 12,7mm ('50)cal

If you want to try them in action, d/l Croatian Army mod... ;)

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Ok here is what is going wrong and maybe somebody has an answer.......

I was messing around with my custom mod folders and now I have messed up my .gun file for my ntw gun.

It seems every time now I set my .gun file for a grenade launcher or anti-tank now I don't see the pips for the reticule.

As soon as I set the .gun file as a regular rifle then the pips come back. What did I do wrong??

Maybe the .prj file I'm using in my folder is no good?? What could I have messed up???

If I were to play someone elses mod with a grenade launcher I can see the pips on the reticule fine so I know its something wrong in my custom mod folder. What did I do wrong???


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Hey all,

Just talked with Projectile. We will be adding a good portion of the Assault Armoury mod into our little effort.

I figure we can add several CQB weapons, shorter stuff, to fill in some gaps.

How about an UZI, Steyr TMP, Thompson 45 SMG, HK MP7?

A couple standard assault rifles as well. M16A1 and M16A2, AR10, AR15 Shorty

A Mossberg 590 Shotgun with mounted M9 bayonet

Plus a few pistols and some other stuff. :)

I'll update the master list on page 2 this evening to include submissions of the last few days and we can start moving some of the larger mod material around this weekend for work.

Once I get the majority of the models in, I'll do a quick look-see at it and make a matrix on what remains to be done. (Sounds, .gun file modifications, rets, kits, etc. ) Then we can determine who wants to hit what. Sound good?

Thanks :)

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I have Added the M145 Elcan Scope to the MK46 as you asked.



Also done that pistol for you Stalker.


I am working on the reticule for Elcan now so that will be finished soon.

1.. Are we having new Reticules?

2.. Can the .gun files be as realistic as possible.

(NO 100rounds with the accuracy of a M24).


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Mag, is Assault Armory going to be released? Or are you guys shelving it in favor of this mod?

You may want to consider snagging the shotgun and subgun reticles from SOAF, as they are totally compatible with GR and fill a gap in the reticles.

That race gun looks good Shadow!

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Nope, not shelved. Just want to contribute to the party. :) It wil be released shortly. We plan on releasing a compilation mod of Sniper Armoury and Assault Armoury as well. Different name, few add-ins.

We just think that having something made by all has tremendous value. Especially with world politics as lovely as they are right now. Anything that brings people together with a common focus is good :)

Shadow, MK46 looks very very nice.

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