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Ok. My thoughts on that are to have for the broadband guys just one big download. Because theres no way to avoid this not being a big install. However for the 56kers and such I am discussing with the mod assembler to have this mod broken into pieces for easier download. Perhaps a file splitter can be used or something.

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Hey all,

I think everyone that needs FTP info has it. (The folks slapping together the mod, etc.)

Hey, just for kicks, I made a couple pistols for the game. A Glock 20 10mm Auto, and Glock 31 357SIG and a Springfield XD Long Barrel in 40S&W. Finishing them up now. Have to clean up a few things. I figured that we could use a few more sidearms. Here is the Glock 20 10mm.... Barrel, which extends beyond the frame by 1.5 inches, is still not finished. Minor touchup on the grep, etc.


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Its my fault mac. I seemed to had been the only planner for the mod lately. And when the war started it put everthing I was doing on hold. I had alot of ideas for the mod and was still trying to finish up some things for the mod. Yes I will send in my stuff to be assembled.

DTDwardenmac can you please help out? I will be online tommorow after 12pm noon eastern time tuesday. I will look for you and we will talk.

Again I apologize to everyone. But frankly I was hoping to get more guys involved. I have ideas but I need someone to help with assembly and also to create a whole slew of .gun files beyond what was created.

But scarface and others have still yet to send in their skins.

AGain the main ideas for the mod are...................

1. two skins for each multiplayer soldier type (rifleman,support,demo,sniper) and each platoon.

2. two .gun files for each gun model. the default .gun file for each weapon will be a decently, psuedo realistically coded one. And the second .gun file for the gun will be an easy one to be accessed from a special restrictions tab. That way the reallistic crowd and the (dagrm4.7, 4.8) crowd will both be satisfied.

3. A small selection of some of the more popular maps played in gr. Some cool classic ones...(dedust, maybe one or two soaf maps etc.) and some brand new ones not widely known about. That way new map modders and some veterans can widely show off their stuff.

4. Some cool missions for single player. Not necessarily for a campaign but a nice selection of the more popular ones. And of course the cool skins will be available for single player.

Those are my ideas for what I at least think the multiplayer online/ubi.com/ dedicated server/ ip only crowd might want in a gr mod.

But I need help to accomplish this. If we all pitch in we could have already been playing it. Oh and someone to do splash screens if possible.

And yes I know it will be a big download but for broadband users who cares? And for 56kers we will simply use a file splitter program to segment the mod into chunks to make it easier for the 56kers so we will have multiple download options. And a .zip version would be nice for the mac users as well.

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Stalker, why not just get the mod out with the realistic gun files.

Then if there is demand, later on put out a patch with the fake gun files and restrictions.

It seems like you are putting too much work on yourself by doubling up the gun files. You've got the core of a great mod there. People are going to grab it no matter what.

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I agree with ogre_h, just get the thing out while people are still playing GR. If there's need or want for unrealistic .gun files then include em in a patch at a later date.

I also agree with this sentiment. Personally i feel unrealistic gun files would suck and take away from the mod and the game. I know the gaming public (Ubi) seem to prefer unrealistic crap, but they are sheep and not worth pandering to IMO. Look forward to a great mod from you guys keep up the good work! ;)

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I almost agree with you on that point. I and whoever is helping will concentrate on the good stuff. And if we have time we will throw the extra .gun files in for a special restriction at the end before release.

War is mostly over so I will get back to concentrating on mod. But other modders however have relatives in the war. Alot of attention had been focused on the war if you haven't noticed.

In fact, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the military forum on this site the hottest section lately? :huh:

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Hey man, i'm still alive, i can do equip files, and Mac did the F200, he's away and will be back tmrw, i'll talk to em then. BTW, i seriously think we should just fix up kinks in ther right now, and release, and the other stuff we can make a patch, as mentioned, i know several ppl that are gettin real antsy. ;)

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