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TUG & BPR servers

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Just popped on to give a BIG thumbs up to TUG & BPR hh/s/td servers. :thumbsup:

Thanks guys for your eftorts and thinking of team play,

the spwarn limit as stoped some of the run and gun game play,

10/10 for the map pack tug ,nice low pings and clean kills on both.

Gr8 servers to vist for a night of tactical gaming.



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Thanx to you for coming in and helping to keep our servers busy :P

Without other people to play the game types we like then the server is useless realy. Keep comming and playing nicely and when we get to know you we are always open requests..We have two servers running, one with no spawns and one with a few to unlimited and the new game types ect.

If ever you want to take over a server we are not in we can always set it up with a password so that you can admin it...As long as we know you some and we know you can be trusted...

Have fun


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