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M99 in Rambo 4?

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This will probably be moved to another topic area, but I figure it is something semi-Graw2 related.

M99 or derivative in the Rambo 4 trailer. A 60 year old military action hero. Watch out! I think he od'd on Viagra. Cool to see the Barrett in the preview though. I will love to see Stallone exploit the destrucive power of the .50 calibre projectile.!!!

A few questions I have:

1. I wonder if movie critics will micro analyze the accuracy and deadliness of the M99 the way GR.net posters & Graw fans alike have, calling for a ban on the weapon in all movies because it is "too effective".

2. Will there be a "M99 Awareness week" thread started at Rambo.com or overthetopactionmovies.com?

3. Will the pictured sniper be called a noob by the insurgent forces for killing someone with this rifle?


Rambo 4 Trailer

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