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The GREATEST GRAW2PC player EVER has arrived!


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You better watch your back. Cuz I'm watching hers!

And let's hold off on the phone calls gentlemen until she is atleast 30......


Heather Lynn "Sleepgirl".

We are still working out her GR.net signature. We thinks its going to look something like this ...



More poopy diapers than you can shake a stick at!


Other ideas welcomed ....







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The GREATEST GRAW2PC player EVER has arrived!

With great power comes great responsibility...........and numerous accusations of cheating and hacking.

Congrats! Parenthood gets better everyday...so far.....I am wondering if there is a way to freeze mine at 1 year of age to avoid the teenage years.


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I already said my congrats, but congrats again!

I suggest you change your nick to Sleeplessdoc.


Huge congratulations. I'll never forget the trouble I got into with the spouse for allowing my (then) six year-old to shoot targets with the SMG/M203 in the SPLINTER CELL training module. Ah, parenthood.

Heh yeh, or when Mrs Rocky heard my five year old girl shout "STICKY BOMB USE THE STICK BOMB" when the tanks came trundling in against me in Company of Heroes a couple of nights ago. I was kind of shocked too mind you LOL!

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Congradulations to you and the Mrs on the birth of your daughter. May you have many year of joy before she starts dating. :P

Dang now you have to start a college fund and a marriage fund, shoulda had a boy. :P

Yep the dogs don't look too happy at this intrusion in to their home, but they'll get over it.

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:kewlpics: & Congratulations... sleepless nights can be less painful than (possible) teenager-from-hell years IMO!

By the time she's 12, your daughter will be a master at "GRAW-Fat-BogO" (Advanced Warfighter Fully-automated techno-gear: Boots on ground OUT); it will not need/have any soldier player characters, just warfighting gadgetry; it will run fast on 8th-generation consoles but be unavailable for Wii (as no movements besides pressing buttons will be required) & of course it won't be available for PC. :rocky:

(She'll whip your rear end at this game!)

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