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Anyone familiar with these forums will know that there's a mod on the way called P2 and that there will be a couple of completely new maps included.

My new map is entirely built around the mission and not suited to any type of GTF setup. However, if it's not too difficult, I'm considering releasing a multiplayer version with the mod (nothing's set in stone yet).

Not having experience in multiplayer games does mean though that I need a little advice.

The map at the moment (although not quite finished) is slightly larger than the command map (although I can reduce this). In addition to this the high map level is only accessable from one point (I can either shut this route completely or open other routes to increase access to the upper level)

The map is a heavily wooded winter environment with very few buildings or structures.

The low level is divided into two areas which are only joined at one point (through a narrow pass) and the upper level looks down over them. There are a few small structures (which i can move to the base areas to represent the four main spawn areas).

If any one has advice for me on this subject (even bad advice ;) ) I'd very much appreciate it. I don't want to remake the map from scratch (there just isn't time) but I would like to add to the playability if possible.

Thanks, Phlook :thumbsup:

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