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help water in landescape ?


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To set up the landscape in a pretty easy way, create a box in 3d max, that's going to be your water. Remember to have ground under it to make it look better. Setup the material and model files like this for example:

Material file:

<material name="surface" src="water_surface_projected_texture" decal_material="water">

<variable name="fade_out_depth" type="scalar" value="50"/>

<variable name="water_depth_fog_start" type="scalar" value="-2000"/>

<variable name="water_depth_fog_end" type="scalar" value="1100"/>

<variable name="water_depth_fog_color" type="vector3" value="0.19 0.20 0.25"/>

<reflection_texture file="cube_water" type="cubemap"/>


water_depth_fog_color - this controls the color of the water. Name the material surface in 3d max.

Model file:

<body editable="true" name="water" template="no_collision" ray="pass">

<object collision_type="mesh_mopp" hidden="false" name="water"/>


Call the water box for water in 3d max. Now it's just to export and you should have some water.

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thx thx thx thx i have insert water but 1 error in export list

Export Done!




Failed test sphere_radius_vs_optimal_ratio(1.33016) < 1.1 - This mesh is not centered around its pivot.


No errors



vertices: 48875

triangles: 22836

vertices_per_tri: 2.14026

mapping_channels: -2 0 1 4

sphere_radius: 17709.7

optimal_sphere_radius: 17709.7

sphere_radius_vs_optimal_ratio: 1


vertices: 24

triangles: 12

vertices_per_tri: 2

mapping_channels: 1

sphere_radius: 3187.13

optimal_sphere_radius: 2396.06

sphere_radius_vs_optimal_ratio: 1.33016

what is??? 0:)

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