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Magpul Masada V1.0 released


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Alright, quick and dirty test of the M&P.45 ingame with the new textures...at this stage it's just an oversave of the MEUSOC model.


Need to make it a tad darker aswell as bring the specularity and reflection down abit.

Also noticed something else when I did this, comparing my original normal maps (****_bm.dds files) with the original GRIN normal maps mine looked very much different in photoshop, or rather after I upgraded to photoshop CS3 and the new nvidia plugin they turned out to be different. Looks like I've been saving them in the wrong way all along :wall:

Doing some testing I've more or less figured out that A8L8 as saving option is out and instead it's supposed to be DTX5_NM. I'm getting alot better results ingame using those settings, brings out the normal map alot stronger.

New settings


Old settings


It's even more apparent in 3rd person view....so it looks like I'm going to have to resave all my normal maps when I update this package. :icon_redface:

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Animated? As in having it's moving parts set up properly?

Still need to fix some internal things though as you right now can see through it in places..lol

As for using the rail, I've got no real thoughts to do so...flashlights are useless as you can't turn them off remember ;)

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Looking good Snow :) I can't really notice much of a difference at the different settings on the normal map textures. The only thing I could see is a slight difference in the shadow on the weapon's rail behind the HOLOsight, but even then it took some real scruitiny and in my opinion the older settings looked better (more subdued and realistic, the new settings look to harsh, too sharp). But maybe that's just me.

As for the rail on the M&P, what about a Laser Aiming Module? There might be a way to simulate it by using the flashlight effect but changing the "light" color to red and focusing the beam to a really small point? Just an option off the top of my head, but really I'd be happy with just a sound suppressor :)

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There might be a way to simulate it by using the flashlight effect but changing the "light" color to red and focusing the beam to a really small point?

that's exactly what he already did with his awesome PEQ2 in GRAW1.

but agreed, most SF don't even like attachments on their sidearms, so the ghosts probably won't miss them so much.

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Yup, it's easy to make a "working" laser. Just place a standard 3dsm spotlight in the right position, give it a really narrow beam and tint the light red. If you want to be fancy you can also include some volumetrics into it, ie the beam will also be seen.

Anyways, did this for the boys over at the Blackfoot Studios forums but I might aswell post it here aswell.

Bit of a breakdown of model, highpoly cage and the effect of the different texture maps used.


(Click for 800x600 animated gif)

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It is an archive file and can be opened using WinRAR, available at http://www.rarlab.com/ (Trial or full retail)

Once the program is installed, use it to open the mod and then read its README.txt to follow the instructions on where to extract the contents.

Other archive managers are also able to extract .rar files.

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