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magic helicopters & nuking your ghosts for fun!

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Okay, so I'm playing through the single player campaigns for the second time, and I just got to the end of the mission where your ghosts are wiping out rebels in a huge parking lot, complete with a couple of bad tanks and one good tank.

I got the place wiped out, and my extraction helicopter lands. I fire up my cross com and point my whole team at the chopper and tell them to GO.


Only seconds before, I had accidentally had my cross com set on "mortar attack", and had accidentally targeted my evacuation helicopter and hit the "attack" button--thinking I was directing my ghosts instead.

So, my ghosts proceed to the chopper. And then, the fun starts.

I hear the tell-tale radio chatter and whistling noises.

My guys proceed to clamber into the bird.

At the same time, multiple mortar rounds hit the bird--right on top of it.

Completely obliterating my ghosts, one by one.

And leaving the helicopter completely unscathed.

I was laughing so hard I had to walk away from the computer for about ten minutes and get a glass of water.

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