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Opposing Fronts, patch 1.68 fix list


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v2.68 09/04/2007


- Fixed some bugs with Automatch.

- Leaderboard updates.

- Improved logging.

- Many other bug fixes.


- Fixed low texture only bug in the options menu.

- Music in-game has been fixed and now plays.


- Panzer Grenadier G43 Rifle upgrade cost increased to 50 from 35

- Lieutenant Auras were tuned.

- Removed received suppression modifiers

- Set stacking cooldown weapon modifier on LT vet 2 from .75 to .9

- Fixed a bug where the non-stacking modifier was stacking.

- Added reload weapon modifier to LT vet 2 and set to .9

- Removed reload weapon modifiers on LTs

- Removed stacking accuracy modifier on LT vet 2

- Reduced popcap bonus on LT vet 3 from 8 to 4.

- Increased the amount of action required to gain veterancy levels on British Lieutenants from:

- Second level requires 30 instead of 24

- Third level requires 54 instead of 36

- Panzer Elite Halftrack costs were adjusted

- 250 Infantry Halftrack drops to 15 fuel from 20

- 250 'Funkwagen' Halftrack drops to 0 from 20 fuel.

- Munitions Halftrack was decreased from 280 to 220 manpower

- All Panzer Elite 250 halftracks were increased in health from 260 to 300

- Panzer Elite Scout cars cost decreased from 240 to 220 manpower

- Panzer Elite Scout Car popcap decreased from 4 to 2.

- Tank Buster infantry increased in cost to 390 manpower

- Assault Infantry increased in price to 360 manpower

- Received damage modifiers reduced to .99 on Group Zeal ability for Panzer Elite.

- Panzer Elite 88mm health increased from 250 to 375.

- British 25pounder fuel cost increased from 55 to 75.

- British 25pounder popcap increased to 12 from 8

- British 25pounder scatter increased 'forward' to help prevent shots landing within its minimum range.

- Building criticals fixed for artillery. A bug was killing all occupants of a building when there was a near miss by artillery shell.

- Axis Personnel population upkeep threshold increased from 12 to 14

- Pioneer upkeep doubled from approximately 3 to approximately 6.

- Upkeep removed from repair pioneer at Repair Bunker.

- tp_slit_trench had its disable_target_search removed and artillery was added to its projectile pass through for flamethrowers.

- V1 set to a new projectile type that will allow it to pass through buildings in order for it to hit its targeted location.

- V1 scatter tuned.

- PIAT Weapon tuned

- Damage reduced from 100 to 90

- Target accuracy reduced vs moving light vehicles (generally from .8 to .4).

- PIAT armour penetration values set for a few missing Commonwealth vehicles (in case PIAT is picked up)

- Allied Bazookas are slightly less accurate vs light vehicles.

- British Starting pop cap dropped from 46 to 40

- Panzer Elite Base Building Health increased from 500 to 1000.

- Heavy Tank guns have reduced accuracy vs PE light vehicles. Modifier is set from 1 to .6

- Stuarts, M8 Greyhounds have .8 moving accuracy modifier vs PE Light vehicles.

- Sticky bombs given a .8 damage modifier vs Panzer Elite Light vehicles.

- Snipers retreat modifiers tuned. Sniper retreat received accuracy modifier set to .75

- Axis Mortar scatter reduced marginally to account for its extra range. Angle drops from 10 to 9, distance_scatter drops from 12 to 10.

- Fallschirmjager FG42 rifle tuned.

- Increased suppression

- Increased accuracy at long range

- Increased burst length

- Increased reload frequency. Weapon will reload less often.

- Removed 'building' type off Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite defenses to prevent Registered Artillery from being used on these structures.

- Registered artillery has a slight modification to its target requirements.

- Panzer Elite Aid Station health regeneration modifier set from .15 to .095


EDIT: The patch has now been released.

Patch 2.69 fix list (this patch has also been released)

v2.69 09/06/2007


- Lobby improvements.

- Added tracking for connectivity issues.

- Fixed low level network bugs.


- PIAT scatter modified to reduce anti-infantry effectiveness

- British Priest damage modifier vs buildings set from .35 to .25

- Panzer Elite Scout car health increased from 220 to 260.

- British Artillery cooldowns (basic and supercharge barrages) set from 60 to 90.

- StuH weapon scatter reduced, angle of gun depression increased marginally.

- StuH tilt set to 0m.

- Panzer Elite AT grenade damage bug fixed on target types associated with British Infantry.

- Pioneer veterancy moved to support veteran choice.

- Help text not yet updated.

- Pioneers have a received damage modifier when massed.

- Butterfly mines set to damage all infantry types equally.

- All Flamethrowers set to do damage to gliders after they land.

- Removed incorrect squad AI plan from several tank squads.

- Fixed a bug where abilities, such as BAR suppression, were able to be used in hold of M3 Halftrack. These abilities wouldn't work in the halftrack.

- A data bug fix was made to Panzer Elite Suppressive Volley Fire

- The modifiers would reset incorrectly when the squad moved.

2.70 released!

v2.70 09/07/2007


- Added more logging.

- Fixed broadcasting.

- Fixed several crashes.

- Users should rejoin the last channel they successfully joined.


- Panzer Grenadier AT grenades set to do the same damage vs British Infantry as regular infantry.

- Wehrmacht forces receive a new medkit.

- The basic medkit is available at tier 2 (after researching Escalate to Skirmish) but only functions in friendly territory.

- At tier 4 (Escalate to Battle Phase) they receive a new medkit that can be used anywhere.

- Stukas, V1s, and Nebelwerfers all have improved damage vs British emplacements.

- Nebelwerfers and Stukas set to 1.0 damage vs tp_infantry_soldier.

- Pak 38s and Flak 88s have been moved into the Vehicle Veterancy research at the KampfKraft Center.

- Mortars set to do 1.0 damage vs tp_infantry_soldier target types (Panzer Grenadiers and British Infantry).

- Building critical tuning.

- V1 FOW scatter modifiers reduced.

Small update released.

v2.71 09/07/2007


- Various fixes.

2.72 released.

v2.72 09/10/2007


- Added NATCheck utility.

- Updated joining logic in an attempt to fix ghost games.

- Added more logging to NetZTransport.

2.73 released.

v2.73 09/11/2007


- Fixed a bug in joining.

- Fixed various crashes.

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