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Vista 32bit - Vista 64bit

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Ok ... I just want simple clarification (with some dumb things thrown in so excuse me) :

If I get Vista 32bit:

1) From what ive seen more programs support it (IE: Zonealarm doesn't support 64bit Vista for one example)

2) I will have a 4 gig limit (about 3.3 gig available rest is upper memory reserved apparently)

.... stupid time :

64 bit O/S is not tied to 64 bit CPU so I HAVE to have it, or is it? I mean with athlon 2x 64bit CPU if I get 32bit Vista OS its still fine but 64 bit programs I wouldn't be able to run (whenever they arrive) right?

I think what im trying to get to is ... 32bit O.S on 64 bit chips is fine as of now with current apps and games but to run at its full 'potential' on a 64 bit program I would need 64bit O.S. So ... its not at this time a killer or wrong to just get 32bit vista over 64bit?

Is my logic correct?

Answers on a postcard please :)

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You are correct. I do believe a 32 bit operating system will not work with 64 bit programs.

From what some others have said on this board (and I agree with them), current computer hardware technology is not positioned to take full advantage of 64 bit operating systems at the present time. If you buy a fast processor, motherboard, memory, etcetera, your operating system would very likely be faster running with a 32 bit operating system than 64 bit.

64 bit operating systems take a lot of memory to run presently. From my own estimation, in about three or four years in the future, computer hardware will have gotten faster and it may be better to take 64 bit. There are also software driver issues with Windows Vista currently.

In my own opinion you would be better off going with a Windows XP 32 bit operating system as Windows Vista is so new and Microsoft is still working all the bugs out of it.

When you upgrade your computer hardware in a few years again take the 64 bit operating system then.

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I'm running 32bit vista now. Problem is with 32bit... only 3gb of ram is seen (max with 3/gb switch) and 1gb dedicated to swap file when you have 4gb of ram.

64 bit depending on the version can support 12gb and up.

Very few programs though can access above the 4gb of ram though

I guess amd was really blowing smoke up everyones butt when they said there's was better because it could do 64bit.

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