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USB Mouse Reinitializes Many Times

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So recently, whenever I try to play a game with lots of mouse movement, my mouse dies under Windows XP and a second later the familiar "da-doop" sound chimes in telling me that it found new hardware. It doesn't do this at all when I boot into Linux. Could this be a hardware issue? It's a really old logitech mouse (6 maybe 7 years old). Any ideas why it would do this?

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No harm to reinstall the driver, but XP usually already has most default drivers for older mice.

I'd suggest using the USB port that is DIRECTLY on your motherboard (on the i/o sheild at the back of your computer) instead of hooking your USB mouse through a hub or plugging it at the front ports etc.

How old is your mobo?

Next test is to use a different USB mouse and see if it does the same thing, and use your old USB mouse on a different computer. Maybe there's a loose connection inside your mouse that's the problem

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The mobo is pretty old, an Intel, can't remember the exact specs off the top of my head. I tried using the USB ports on my mobo as well as an addon card I have, same issue so it's probably hardware related... :(

Guess it's time to get a new mouse.

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