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WD CamoPack v3

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The third chapter has begun.

It is my intention to continue to update my CamoPack series as the camos are starting to be used in other games now too (I know atleast one member of these forums is using my camos in OFP for his project). I've got a nice section new camo uniforms to add (the swatches are done, just need applying to the wrinkles) aswell as a few more updates of the original camos seen in previous renditions of the CamoPack. On top of that, there will be brand new items of clothing, well, moreso headgear really: Baseball caps, rolled up sleeves, webbing & flak vests are to be added.

So, let me do a breakdown what going to be in this version:

New Camos

  • CADPAT, arid
  • CADPAT, arctic
  • CADPAT, woodland
  • CE, French
  • DPM, Lebanese Police, urban
  • DPM, Nepal, blue DPM
  • DPM, South African Police, urban
  • Fleckerlteppich, Austrian
  • M03, Norwegian
  • M91k, Swedish
  • Sumpfmuster, BGS
  • WD Floorboards

All the above, except for the urban & arctic patterns, will include boonies, helmets & ball caps. I'm working on some bump maps (ripstop etc) for the uniforms. These bump map overlays may or may not make it into v3, time permitting. There may also be a few more camos in v3, but the above list is the ones that will defeinitely be in v3 - the others I have planned may not make it into v3.


  • DCPU, desert - coloration
  • Mlok, [former] Czechoslovakia - colouration & pockets
  • Recto & Verso [Mitchell] - made into one piece helmet covers rather than three piece covers as they currently are.
  • Kneepads redone

New Folder(s):

  • Bits & Pieces

Additional Content

  • Rolled up sleeves for most all of the previous and new camo patterns in the CamoPack series.
  • Baseball caps for most all of the previous and new camo patterns in the CamoPack series.
  • Webbing for a few of of the previous and new camo patterns in the CamoPack series.
  • Flak/assault vests for a few of of the previous and new camo patterns in the CamoPack series.
  • Knitted woolen cuffs.
  • More kneepads.
  • A few more country flags.
  • Possible preview(s) to some other projects, including audio, that I'm working on outside of the GR scene.

As you can see, it's quite a lot of stuff, so it will take some time to complete. But it looks like I've have to wait one month for my new rig to arrive (one part is out of stock and won't be back in stock until..... SEPTEMBER 29th!!), so I have to do something to pass the time as my current rig is no longer powerful enough to run hardly any games (had to downgrade the vid card due to my vid car dieing, and it still has problems)

First Look



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I think perhaps my French CE pattern is too small?

I'm hoping to be able to incorporate a few more recolourations of some of the original camos, I'm looking at doing a recolour of the RU Tigr, to make a blue tigerstripe version too, aswell a recolour of the YU jigsaw pattern so I can make Slovenian jigsaw from it.

Well, I'm now told the new rig could be ready for dispatch later this week or early next week. This damn vid card has only got pixel shader 1.3 which isn't sufficient for most all of the games I play, as they require shader 2.0 upwards.

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NP m8. Now for some recolours done by a fellow modder who wishes to remain anonymous:



The SI (Slovenian) jigsaw is based off the YU jigsaw swatch by Spyro, hence it says 'swatch by Spyro' (he was not the person who did the recolour.

Hmmm.... It seems I left in some of the stuff I was testing out for v2 and intended to remove prior to release. They will be removed in v3 as v3 will be a standalone version.

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  • Added country flags for United States & Chile
  • Moved the country abbreviations out of the readme into a new self titled file
  • New camos added: Lebanon Police urban; Slovene Jigsaw; Russian Tigr blue; French Central Europe; German BGS Splittermuster; Canadian CADPAT woodland, arid & arctic; Norwegian M/03; WD Floorboards (so I'm slowly working my way through the list)

I'm going to try and recolour the South African police desert pattern into the 'Kwazulu' pattern too.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Has anybody done a "civy" skin pack ? or even dress uniformes ?

In WD CamoPack v2.x series, theres a WD POSTMANPAT camo, it has a civi suit in a blue camo colour and a white shirt with tie. This was joke camo built off Postman Pat's uniform, I made it only as a play on words of the -PAT camos.

@Ayu, hmmmm, tetris camo? That's an idea. I'll see what I can do. Should be easy to build it from scratch, do block shapes & L-shapes etc in different colours.... With the new rig, I'm moving over to new software. In a few days, I should Paintshop Pro 11 in my hands, and a few days after that, the new rig will arrive. I'm currently using Painthop Pro 8 for my texture work. The switching to new software process my cause a delay in the devlopment of v3.

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Update [ 23rd September 2007 ]

  • Overall folder structure refined & updated; this was implemented in order to make it easier to find things
  • New folder 'Documentation' added; this is where you'll find the readme etc.

Would you like me to include some of my custom wrinkle sets aswell? I ask here because I've already had a few people PM me etc to ask fpr my boonie wrinkles texture.

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:D Girly ones?? need a S/S

Yeah girly ones. I know some of guys would get a kick out of running around in these camos that I've especially designed for girls :rolleyes:

I'll get some screenies up here soon. In other words, probably later tomorrow - I need sleep as I've been at work for 22 hours over the past 2 days (through no fault of my own).

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i just had a terrible smartass idea that may get me hung....village people models/skins. or maybe VP cheney model skin, for those who feel in a TK'ing mood..

The project series is called CamoPack for a reason. Think about it. Those skins you mentioned would take away from the theme of the project series.

No updates today, there's no point me doing more work on v3 at this moment in time as the new rig is due to be shipped in 2 days time (so I'll continue working on v3 shortly thereafter).


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