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Glock 23


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been a bit bored waiting for my house move so i tried out doing something new in photoshop.

i had a pic of a glock on my comp so i copied it.

any comments welcome, or ways to improve it etc :)

the wood was just a quick thing because it was just on a plain white background.



>> Full Size Clicky here <<

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Pretty solid work. My issue with it, though, is that the whole thing is pretty low contrast. Overall everything's pretty bright -- which is a natural way to think of a greyish metal like that, but you'll find actually won't work near so well as a darker, deeper base. As it is you're washing out your highlights with how bright the whole gun is, killing your potential contrast.

Also, throw some subtle gradient lighting over the whole gun. No metal's lit that evenly.

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thanks for the comments :)

i think one mistake i did was to do everything while using a white background, so i guess i perceived the gun to be darker than it actually was. after adding the wood b/g i did make things darker (the original was very very pale looking back).

live and learn eh?

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