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Acer buys out Gateway

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We sell them where I work. Until recently Acer has been used primarily by corporations. From those we've sold, I haven't heard anyone returning one or complaining about them.... so they can't be too bad.

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I got one thru CircuitCity for $400 after rebates, was for $800, but it was one of them After-Thanksgiving sale.

I wish it was for gaming, but in reality its more 4 movies (battery is good for an avg movie-length), 250mp3s (speakers could be better, but I listen thru a Bose headphones), 6GB pics and lots of reading materials for class and not much else. Aspire 5002WLMI. I wish I could get a Acer Ferrari...would look nice next to my Corolla :shifty: j/k

I can do my basic Photoshop and MovieMaker without any problems.

I even run FlyaKite transformation pack on it and confuse the hell out of co-workers who wants a Mac. I even got an Apple Logo (from iPod) on it.

I get the occasional, "oh, I didn't know Acer makes Mac."--comments. And when I show the desktop, they are impressed about it.

Overall for my first laptop, I'm satisfied.

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