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[PhysX PPU headed for Dell's laptop line]


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I remember the first time I played Unreal on a computer with a 3d accelerator.

The tech took off. 3dFX still owes me a mail in rebate for my Voodoo3.

Still, this is the next generation of "new tech, let's see if it becomes the norm."

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But would it still be GRAW2 compatible though even with a mobile PPU...not even Dell's top of the line laptop has a videocard that's compatible with GRAW according to the specified system requirements :lol:


The answer is "Your right". But I was just looking for some cheesy way to title my post so i wouldn;t get kicked to the "O/T" section too qiuckly.... Uh oh. Duck!. Here comes ZJJ and Rocky ..... :whistle::D

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With multi-core systems becoming more popular, is physics acceleration really necessary?

i read in another forum they get map ageia physx work without agaiy physx-card and game gets 5FPS.

don't know spec of the maschine, but they took as result that the point goes to ageia.

i think this (re-)measurement fits to this forum.

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