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If I may ask a question: Are you having trouble with the sniper scope, when zoomed in, bouncing around almost entirely uncontrollably?

If so, the problem is most likely that you have less than 1 gig of RAM installed, which is the minimum required for the game.

Just a hunch, as this was a common complaint when GRAW first came out, and it was almost always from folks with less RAM than is required.

If you have the minimum memory, disregard.

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It's the only one that I've ever seen reported with any consistency. I know that when I first installed the game, I had 512 megs of RAM, and my sniper scope was useless. Once I upgraded to the minimum spec, the scope worked just fine.

The reason (briefly) behind the bouncing scope is that with insufficient memory, the game can't load the proper animations for the reticule, so though the game seems to run fine otherwise, certain things, like the sniper scope, are really messed up.

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Nope. The game requires 1 gig of RAM to work properly.

The only thing you can really do is either give up on ever using a sniper rifle (and hope nothing else is thrown off by the lack of memory), or add more RAM.


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NOOOOOOOO!!! woe is me!!!

2 more things...

1. in the first mission, i have to snipe the rpg guys, how?

2.will iron sights be bad as well?

As for 1, I could snipe him pretty 'easily' with the SCAR-L zoomed in. The dedicated Sniper team member was useless.

Easily..once I knew where he was..not counting the 10+ times I got killed not knowing Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was going on!!

I waited pretty far away, took out the Panhard and crew then carefully got an angle on the RPG launcher and popped him with the Aimpoint dot on the SCAR-L.

As for 2, no clue... not sure if the SCAR-L scope is equally RAM Hungry. 2 Gig RAM on my box :thumbsup:


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