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where are our cigarette smoking friends?

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hi all if any of you guys remeber the good ole days in gr1 when you came upon a russian camp pulled out your sniper rifle and watch them have a smoke, then you blow their heads off, WHAT HAPPEND TO THIS i would like to see people at positions in graw2 smokin cigaretts while mobile ones still patrol and like in mission1 for gr1 when you come upon the tent camp you see two people crouching talkin, and one is smokin, these minor details make a great game! but hey its just a sugguestion so.... just wanted to see some realism in graw2, hell even make em russian cigarettes! :devil:

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Smoking is too politically incorrect these days. They probably would have caused the game to have an ESRB "M" rating.


Well, I may be wrong, but looks like there are similar animation files that you can script onto patrols available! Not sure if they are universal or SP though.


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But the rebels are at war. GRAW 2 takes place over two days. ORG took place over several days, and sometimes you were attacking remote areas where the rebels were more lax, thinking they were not a target. The Mexican rebels are in the middle of the coup, fully alert at all times.

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so if i get it correct...

you can kill +70 rebels a mission but the rebels can't smoke because it is a mature rating to see rebels smoke, they can pop your team in a heart beat, you can pop them with what ever you can get your hands on, but they CAN NOT smoke because of a rating ?

can they then at least have a cola ? or is that just out of stock ?

*i really don't get those ratings

should we blind fold our children next when we cross the street ?

they might see a smoking person for REAL !

sorry i can't get round the rating thing, you may kill and observe killings, but you may not see some AI smoke a sigaret because that is so unhealthy ? how about lead poisoning ? ain't that dangerous ?

(lead poisoning, besides getting shot for real, can kill quicker than a sigaret, besides you can kill the habit ....)

sorry this just FREAKS me OUT

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Remember that smoking camel? Why did they drop that ad? Because it appealed to kids.

Same principle applies here.

I'm not saying I agree with excluding smoking from video games but that will probably help you understand what they were thinking.

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so virtual killing does not appeal to kids and virtual smoking does ?

it is measuring with two different rulers, one metric and one emperial ?

i know the line to begin to smoke and to begin to kill is not the same, but both are free choices, you chose to smoke, you chose to kill or more civil join the army, besides you can prohibit smoking and sales of sigarets to kids with out too much trouble.

advertizing war and weapons is probably a good thing in a childs upbringing :$

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