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Server connection lost every map change


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After 1.04 my graw2 loose the connection to the server and I have to go back to servers screen to connect again.

I suppose nobody else is having this issue because haven't seen any post about it. Anyone can figure out the reason for this problem?

I'm running Vista 32 bits and it worked fine with 1.03.

Thanks and regards,


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It happens in any server. Pings are not bad, 200 the worst one.

These are the messages. The last one is showed *after* the new map is loaded and just when the teams screen is showed:

1st one: "Waiting for the server"


2nd one: "Connection error, Error trying to establish the server connection"


The advice button tells me to verify that the network connection is up ...

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Thanks for your mark Brainman2k, didn't notice that problem because I don't play coop. Anyway, looks like might be related to that bug solution..

Moreover, curious (better to say this than *nice*) to see I'm not the only one with the problem.

For adding more info, I tried many things....

- restarting the router

- reinstalling the game from scratch and applying the patch 1.0-1.4

- testing in Vista 64, XP 64, XP 32

- creating a new profile from scratch



imho this refers to the same prob discussed here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=45997

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hey Thunaer,

I mentioned this exact same problem in the forums a few weeks back. still no solution.

Would be nice if everyone rolled back to 1.03. Had no problems with that patch :)

Hope they get it sorted soon though. it is ###### me off connecting every map change.

Seems that if i join a game just as it is ending its final round, I will make it through the map change. If i am there for the start of the round, booted on change. hope there is a solution. checked the other thread for the coop prob and couldn't find a fix there. Let me know if anything has helped you Thunaer.


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Hello TJ, thanks for your update. It's nice to know that I'm not alone... :)

I decided to stop playing, this is too frustating to me and people thinks I'm cheating ... so no solution from my side. One time it worked restarting the router but only once. Waiting for a new patch...

' date='Sep 12 2007, 11:48 AM' post='494628']

Let me know if anything has helped you Thunaer.


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