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I just posted this over in the Ubi forums so I wanted to make sure that you guys got the word as fast as possible.

So we just got word that the title update has FINALLY passed through all but the final stages of the submission process. It is planned to be released in the next couple of days, maybe as soon as in the next 24 hours. It's been a long time coming, and we truly appreciate your patience. Here is a list of the fixes:

TU2 Details

* Fixed Voice communications issue that occurred after player had connected with 30 other players over time

* Changed Ranked Rooms so that players may only be Kicked from the Room after playing a match

* Changed Ranked Scoring to remove scoring penalty for losing to much lower ranked players

* Changed information displayed in Search Results to show Host's Camera Options instead of IFF information

* Fixed Player Rank appearing as 1 after playing in player matches

* Fixed some problems relating to sending invites and joining sessions not always being available for player matches

* Fixed Zone problems on some maps that cause the zones to begin neutral in Territory Games and caused flags not to be able to be captured in Objective games

* Fixed Several bad Solo spawn points on Locks

* Fixed problem with Helicopters stopping spawning occasionally on Helo Hunt

* Fixed issue in Clan Matches where scoring elements might be removed if a client disconnects during loading

* Fixed Officer related scoring issue in Team Objective

* Fixed problem with Clan invitations not being able to be dismissed in certain circumstances

* Changed message relating to duplicate clan invites being sent to be more clear

* Fixed problem causing some interactive objectives to not complete properly in Co-Op Campaign Missions

* Fixed bug causing connection quality bars to sometimes flicker wildly in custom search list

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