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New Clan (PS3) recruiting

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A new clan, of which a name has not yet been decided, is looking for founding members.

We are looking for anyone with military experience of sorts (CCF, ACF, TA, Military School - Do you guys do section/platoon attacks? - or Regs), to found the clan. This is so you have a basic knowledge of basic flanking and platoon and section/squad attacks.

After we have founding members, we will start a recruitment regime which will consist of this:

Various games of Last Man Standing will occur, and the top 3 will go into a Final of sorts.

In this final, made up of the top 3 of each game, the top 3 of this game will be accepted into the clan.

As we grow in members, it will become the top 2, then eventually, only the winner will make it into the clan. This is so we only accept the best of the best.

Get back to me, my in-game name is Tiffpietiff. (And yes, I have military experience. CCF, if anyone was wondering.)

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